DESCRIPTION - Sites that deal specifically with health-related issues faced by veterans and other military personnel, caused by their involvement in the Gulf War.
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Advanced Techniques For Overcoming CFS, FMS and GWS.
Provides a treatment approach for fighting these ailments. Includes list of recommended reading and discussion of finding the root cause.
American Gulfwar Veterans Association
Stated goal is to provide information and obtain treatment for service members and families.
Burning Semen Syndrome
Offers a questionnaire for current and former service members who feel they may be affected, due to their participation in the arena of operations.
Captain Joyce Riley: Gulf War Syndrome
Transcript of a speech given by a former Air Force Reserve officer, concerning biological warfare.
Current Bibliographies in Medicine 94-3: Persian Gulf Experience and Health
594 selected citations from 1971-1994. From National Library of Medicine.
Gulf War Illnesses Research
Discusses possible causes for the disease, how to detect it, and possible treatments.
Gulf War Syndrome Message Board
For affected service member discussion.
Gulf War Veteran Resource Pages
Offers live chat sessions, discussion groups, and mailing lists. The site also publishes a self-help guide for affected personnel.
New York Times: Gulf War Syndrome
Archives of news articles. First time users must set a password to view content.
Office of the Special Assistant for Gulf War Illnesses
Official government site, that provides declassified documents with potential relevance for affected personnel.
The Impact of Infectious Diseases on the Health of U.S. Troops Deployed to the Persian Gulf During Operations Desert Shield/Desert Storm
Epidemiological study from Office of the Special Assistant for Gulf War Illnesses, published in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases. (January 01, 1995)
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