There are many different views and opinions concerning channeling boards. Some believe them to simply be the board game that Parker Brothers marketed it as. Others believe them to be a doorway to another realm. Still others believe they are evil instruments of the devil. This list of channeling board sites addresses all aspects of belief surrounding these boards. You will find information on their history throughout the ages. Also, you will find instructions for their use. There are many resources available to find a board should you want to purchase one. Many sites sell manufactured boards, while other sites sell handcrafted, custom boards. Note that the word "ouija" is simply a brand name and trademarked by Hasbro. The correct generic term for these boards is "channeling boards". You will also see them referred to as talking boards, spirit boards, witchboards, ouiji, quija, quiji, weegee, weegy, or Captain Howdy, among others.
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Crystalinks: Ouija boards
Advice on channeling with the Ouija board. Includes sections on making a board, preparing for the channeling session and how to begin.
Do Ouija Boards Work - The Fact and Fiction
Various scientific experiments are conducted to record a seance and analyze the reality of the game.
Museum of Talking Boards
Articles on topics such as their history, superstitions, theories, books and movies based on them and collections. Also provides links, FAQs, instructions, stories and gallery.
Ouija Mysteries: Unsolved Mysteries
Features stories submitted by site visitors.
The Straight Dope: How does a Ouija board work?
Answers the question from a skeptical viewpoint, giving history and explains the ideomotor effect.
ThoughtCo. - The Complete Guide to Using a Ouija Board Properly
Instructions on using a channeling board, from Stephen Wagner.
Listing of a dozen true stories about the channeling board.
Inventor of the board. Includes history with photos and illustrations.
Witch Board Info
Provides information on the use and history of talking boards as well as some stories.

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