Gifts in kind that are vehicles or various types.
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Activated Ministries - Car Donation Program
Accepts cars as donations for charity. Also offers free pick-up nationwide.
American Diabetes Association - Car Donation Program
Help improve the lives of people affected by diabetes. Trucks, RVs, boats, and trailers accepted. Free pick-up nationwide.
American Lung Association - Vehicle Donation Program
Accepts donations of cars to support programs in asthma management and tobacco control.
Block Island Maritime
Supports marine science programs for New England children through boat donations.
Boat Angel
An organization that accepts boat and yacht donations for children and youth programs nationwide.
Car Donation Charities
Accepting donated cars for a variety of charitable programs.
Car Donation Tips
Offers advice like finding IRS approved charities, the fair market value of cars, steps to donating cars, searching for a charity, vehicle donation programs, and getting a tax receipt.
Cars Helping America
We dispose of the vehicle, sending a portion of the proceeds to the charity of your choice.
USA nationwide program to benefit children through the charity Joy for Our Youth.
Donation Station
Accepts gifts for different charities.
A program to help people through raffling dream cars.
Easter Seals Car Donation Program
Help children and adults with disabilities.
Family Care Foundation: Vehicle Donation Program
Accepts donations of used cars, boats, and trucks for charity.
Habitat for Humanity Cars for Homes
Donate your car, truck, boat or RV to help Habitat for Humanity build homes with families in your community.
Special Kids Fund
Accepts cars as donations for charity.
Texas Cars for Kids
Accepts cars, trucks, boats or vans to help at risk youth get a second chance at an education in Texas.
Volunteers of America
Accepts car donations to benefit human service programs in local communities.
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