Primary focus on the central figure of the Christian religion, Jesus Christ: the person, his life, times, and works. Subcategories include "The Passion," "Art and Film," and "The Shroud of Turin." Links are provided to "Christology and the Trinity" and to a category on the Resurrection. The category called Jesus, in the Spiritual Personalities section, presents non-Christian perspectives. Finally, there is an link called "Opposing Views." This latter category contains sites that are critical of Jesus, his life, his claims, and the way that he has been understood by Christians.
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Bible History Online - Jesus Resources
Collection of resources about Jesus.
Catholic Encyclopedia: Jesus Christ
Articles on his life, name, and character.
Christ Jesus
Examines the evidence for the Resurrection.
Contemporary Scholarship and the Historical Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ
After an appraisal of recent scholarship on the historicity of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, Professor William Craig contends that "the resurrection appearances, the empty tomb, and the origin of the Christian faith - all point unavoidably to one conclusion: the resurrection of Jesus".
Finding the Historical Jesus: An Interview With John P. Meier
Catholic University scholar John P. Meier discusses how the Jesus of faith is linked to the Jesus of history.
Highlights in the Life and Ministry of Jesus Christ
A series of biblically based lessons on the life and message of Jesus.
An inspirational site which explores the message of the Lord Jesus.
Jesus Central
Seeks to offer clear and credible information about the life, teachings and impact of Jesus. Includes Overview, courses, words of Jesus, historical sources, time line and application.
Jesus Christ Only
A collection of sermons, articles and illustrations to help you understand the unique person of Jesus Christ the Son of God.
Jesus the Jew
Explores the Jewishness of Jesus.
Jesus' Teachings, as Told in the Gospels
Summary of Jesus' teachings. Includes chronological table, map of His life and ministry.
Jesus: God or Just a Good Man?
Proposes that Jesus is either, God, liar, or lunatic.
Life of Christ
Life, history and teachings of Jesus.
The Ministry of Jesus Christ
The story of Jesus with photos and links for keywords.
Explores His life, character, teachings and followers, how He has been quoted and misquoted, written about, worshipped and argued over.
To The Ends Of The Earth
Mystic, Prophet, Holy Man, Healer--who is Jesus? Did he really claim to be the Son of God? Is there any evidence to prove the extraordinary things claimed about him?
Who is Jesus?
Lists Christian resources that will help a person understand who Jesus Christ is and answer questions that they may have. Has resources for children, seekers, and mature Christians.
Why the Historical Jesus Matters
An essay by Stephen Davis, professor of philosophy and religion at Claremont McKenna College in Claremont, California. He argues that there is a strong link between the Jesus found in the Gospels and the Christ Whom Christians worship.

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