This category contains sites that primarily offer software products or applications that in some way present astrological information.
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AIR Software
Information on the StarTrax for Windows program, astrological research software and related articles.
Astrocalc International
Offers a variety of software catering for beginner to advanced levels. Includes product details and support, forum, newsletter and company profile.
Astrograph Software
Interactive astrology software for both Macintosh and Windows.
Publisher of various titles to aid in charting and reporting, including the professional Solar Fire system.
Freeware Astrolog 5.4 program. Details of features and screenshots.
Astrology and Horoscope Software Systems
Report producing software for personality, relationships, daily, monthly and yearly forecasts. Product information for PC and Mac products, with details of licence, review and sample request facility.
Multilingual site offering transits, synastry, progressions, sun and moon returns with graphics and interpretation. Data bases for localities and time zones.
Astrology software with personalized reports for Mac, PC, iOS, Android, iPad, iPhone app. Developed by astrologer Daniel Vega.
Includes software for PC and Macintosh computers, pocket micro computers, posters, and books.
Center of Temporal Problems, Analysis and Prognoses
Offering VegaSviri research and modelling programs as well as neural network software for financial astrology. Program details and downloads.
Configuration Hunter
Searches various planetary configurations using different reference systems, for Windows.
Esoteric Technologies
Authors of the Solar Fire series of software, among others. Reviews, online ordering, support and newsletter.
Halloran Software
Chart calculation with synastry option. Sample reports available for download.
Hank Friedman's Website
Provides reviews of astrology programs, and a weblog of astrology software news and information.
Horoscope Services limited
Providing online automated horoscope software for websites. Includes sample output and other relevant information.
Janus Astrology Software
Offering Janus version 3.0, for professional and student use. Details of features, reviews and support information, with trial download available.
Free software for Western and Vedic Astrology (Jyotish). Windows, Linux, and UNIX platforms.
Matrix Software
Offers professional and personal astrology software. Includes demos, downloads and FAQ.
My Star World
Windows programs for determining the future, your personality, and relationships.
Time Cycles Research
Offers Mac software for preparing charts, and virtual planetarium; also offers famous charts on CD.
Valja's Astrology
Offers 5.41G version of the popular freeware astrology program Astrolog. Details of changes to the program.
World of Wisdom
Offers software items including Horoscope Interpreter, Astrology for Lovers and a screen saver. Also, includes basic information about astrology and monthly horoscopes.
ZET Astrology Software
Suitable for both the experienced astrologer and beginner. Capabilities include mouse sensitive natal chart, astro-cartography, 9100 fixed stars and 3D astro-planetarium.
Zoidiasoft Astrology Software
Windows programs for medieval and hellenistic astrology.

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