In its original form Tarot is a universal language knowing of no boundaries, and encompassing the symbolic tradition of the whole Euro-Asian history of Mankind. A deck of Tarot cards comprises 78 cards. There are four suits with 10 numerically marked cards each, same as in modern playing cards originating therefrom; instead of three, however, the Tarot deck features four court cards in each suit. Besides, there also exist the 22 cards that are called the Trumps, or Major Arcana, every one of them representing one different symbolic picture bearing its own name. Tarot being an universal manner for obtaining answers to questions of all kinds; a powerful tool for self-discovery and an astounding source of both ancient wisdom and modern insight.
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Aeclectic Tarot
Offers a database of tarot deck information, images, and reviews as well as articles, interviews, book reviews, and a discussion forum.
The Artwork of Modern Tarot Project
Includes project details, Adam McLean's study course, reference information, directory of decks, limited edition artwork decks for sale, a weblog, links, and a forum for tarot collectors.
Raven's Tarot Site
This site offers a wealth of Tarot information. Explanations of the Tarot, spreads, and astrological correspondences.
Salem Tarot
A comprehensive guide to Tarot, Witchcraft, and Salem. Take a tour of this bewitching city that includes Tarot wisdom, Salem tradition, Witches' spells, and psychic readings.
Tarot By Enchanted Spirit
Offers informative articles, an extensive FAQ for the beginning student, free weekly Tarot forecasts, and personal Tarot readings.
Tarot Passages
Offers archive of tarot deck reviews, card art and imagery, help for beginners, articles, directory, consultations and workshops, and resources.
Articles, readings, online store and personal tarot journal facility. Find information on life cycle and tree of life along with various spreads.

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