Kabbalah, Qabalah and other variations of the spelling can best be described as an occult, esoteric mystical system which originated within Judaism and then in medieval times was adapted by various western religious groups, which existed at the time, which then in time formed a system derived of the traditional Judaic Kabbalah which was usually referred to as either hermetic or Christian Kabbalah.
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A combination of kabbalah and astrology which also draws upon the works of Alice Bailey and Aleister Crowley.
Colin's Hermetic Kabbalah Page
Publishing modern material on the Kabbalah, containing a lot of essays on western kabbalistic practices and teachings.
Crown Diamond of the Tree of Life
Explores the origins of the western alphabet through the sacred geometry of the Tree of Life.
Gwion's Magick Realm
Kabbalistic magick from basic rituals to more detailed studies.
Hermetic Kabbalah
An Essay on the History and Origins of Hermetic Kabbalah
The Kabala and the Kabalists
Article on Kabala as an instrument within the Theosophical system of thought.
The Kabbalah Centre International
The Kabbalah Centre is a spiritual and educational organization based mainly on lurianic kabbalah.
The Last Four Books
Meditations, practical healing exercises, inspirational poetry and Kabbala mysteries to assist in returning you to your true nature.
The Mystica: Kabbalah
An article on this system of thought which was originally included in Jewish theosophy, philosophy, science, magic and mysticism.
Mystical Internet - Gematria Server
Calculates any word or phrase using either the Hebrew, Greek, Enochian or English alphabets.
The Original Cabala, the Cabala of Eight Elements, the Sufi Cabala
An article on the Cabala from a Sufi point of view.
Psyche: Revived Qabalah
Provides a small collection of material related to the works of Carlo Suares.
Rootlight: Universal Kabbalah
Teachings on the kabbalah and kundalini yoga.
A Society of Souls
A Society of Souls is a spiritual community founded by Jason Shulman which provides Integrated Kabbalistic Healing studies in New Jersey, USA.
Synergetic Qabala
Meditations on sacred geometry and essays on the sephiroth by Iona Miller.
The Tree of Life
Utilizes graphics and essays to explain the history and modern use of the Qabalah.
Web of Qabalah
The practice and study of Qabalah, with guided meditations, various references, and resources.
Will Parfitt
Personal and spiritual development with the Kabbalah and its application through psychosynthesis. Plus distance education, group courses, books, and articles to download.
Work of the Chariot
Provides background material on the mystical Qabalah from a Rabbinical, Occult, and Christian perspective.

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