Sufism is Love based Islamic mysticism. It is an intrinsic part of Religion stressing the relation between God and His creations.
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Sufism's Many Paths
An annotated and explanatory web directory of Sufism designed for students, scholars, and the general public. Sections on major Sufis and Orders, doctrine and practice, Qur'an commentary and definitions of Sufism, Sufism in the West, Sufi women and the relationship between Sufism and Islam.
Afterhours Sufism Stories
Collection of Sufism stories, including stories of the famous Nasruddin.
Deen Islam -Sadaqah Group
A library of text and audio-visual resources on Islam and Sufism; includes on-line books, a gallery of Sufi shrines, and information on current projects.
Information about Islam and Sufism, with biographies of significant thinkers; also about the Naqshbandi Order, its history, leaders and practices.
Living Islam
A collection of articles and resources on Islam and Sufism within Muslim traditions. Includes biographies, a glossary, stories, and FAQ
Risala Roohi Sharif
Online text (in Farsi) and translations (English and Urdu) of "The Book of Soul", by Hazrat Sultan Bahu, a 17th century Sufi. Includes audio samples.
Serving the Guest: A Sufi Cookbook and Art Gallery
Historical information and many quotes from Sufi saints, centered around a culinary theme. Features a gallery of art of the Muslim world.
The Spiritual Life in Islam:Sufism
Collection of articles on Tasawwuf (Sufism), as a way to deepen one's spirituality.
Sufi Conference
An annual conference in the US, open to Sufis of all lineages. Includes program, and reporting of previous conferences..
Sufism - an Inquiry
Journal of the International Association of Sufism; includes a selection of online articles, an archive, and subscription details.
Zensufi Park
A collection of stories and poetry by mystics, Sufi saints, Zen masters, simple beings, and zensufi. Includes a bibliography.

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