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Utah Lighthouse Ministry
Jerald and Sandra Tanner research and document problems with Mormonism. Includes topical index, books, FAQs, tracts, and testimonies.
20 Truths About Mormonism
A sincere exploration of LDS church history, authority, and doctrine by former Mormon, Jim Day, Ph.D.
Alpha and Omega Ministries
In over two dozen articles, Dr. James R. White delineates various problems with LDS teachings, and he provides witnessing tools for Christians. His book, Letters to a Mormon Elder, is included.
The Best Exmormon Forum on the Internet!
A forum for ex-mormons and others who have been affected by mormonism to share news, commentary, and comedy about the Mormon church.
The Book of Mormon and the King James Version
Shows several translation errors in the King James Bible, with Mormon scriptures duplicating them, and concludes therefore the Book of Mormon cannot be an ancient work as Joseph Smith claimed.
Book of Mormon Research Page
A detailed critique of Mormonism from an agnostic's point of view. Includes complete text of a number of original documents and a full commentary on the Book of Mormon.
Challenge Ministries
Jerry Benson provides tracts challenging Mormonism and Evolution.
Equality Time
Comprehensive weblog from a disaffected Mormon perspective.
Ex-Mormons for Faith and Research
Provides exit stories of many Mormons and details the scriptural challenges to Mormon beliefs.
Exmormon Foundation
Community of former or questioning Mormons.
Freedom Quest Ministries
Examines the claims of the Mormon church in light of the evidence.
How I Grew Out of Mormonism
The story of how a former Mormon finally left the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Joseph Smith Author by Proxy
Who actually authored the Book of Mormon? This downloadable book compares Biblical history with Book of Mormon alleged history and reveals the true author of the Book of Mormon.
A look at Mormonism: the good, bad, and ugly. Discussion area included.
Life After Ministries
Challenges Mormon doctrines and works to assert the Christian doctrines of Jesus Christ, in accordance with the Bible.
Mission to Mormons
Steven Dealy has a few articles on problems with Mormonism. A map of Nauvoo has information on historic sites.
Mormon Conspiracy
Offers excerpts from Dr. Charles Wood's book documenting the LDS church, its doctrines, beliefs, and practices. His book alleges a conspiracy by the church to rule America.
Mormon No More Blog
A woman born to a Mormon family writes about her life in the Church, and why she chose to leave.
Mormon Origins
Historical information and documents relating to the beginnings of Mormonism.
An Evangelical Christian site that challenges Mormons to question Mormonism, with a focus on current events and other information related to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS).
Documented articles on the founder of the Mormon religion, Joseph Smith, Jr. and his involvement in the occult.
Mormonism Disproved
Provides concrete evidence disproving the Book of Abraham, demonstrating that Joseph Smith was a false prophet. Mormon beliefs are also challenged using the Bible and Mormon scripture.
Mormonism Research Ministry
Evangelical Christian ministry challenging the claims of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Articles examine Mormon teachings, the Book of Mormon. Also includes book reviews, testimonies.
Mormons In Shock
Exposes the falsehoods of the Mormon religion's teachings on salvation.
Mormons Need Hope
A former Mormon provides insights into Mormonism from an evangelical Christian perspective.
An objective look at Mormon facts, scriptures, history, controversies, and contradictions
Recovery from Mormonism
A site to help former Mormons. Includes stories from ex-Mormons and information on the religion from their point of view.
Refiner's Fire Ministries
Christian outreach site for current and former members of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (RLDS).
Richard Packham
An atheist and former Mormon gives his reasons for rejecting Mormonism.
Saints Alive in Jesus
Contrasting Mormonism with orthodox Christianity, Ed Decker has books and articles.
The Salamander Society
Parody, satire, lampoon, history, current events and news of Mormon culture.
Spirit Watch Ministries
An evangelical pastor and his wife's site that defends the Christian faith by speaking the truth in love.
An atheist satirizes Mormonism by quoting from LDS material.
The Truth About the LDS Mormon Cult
Argues that Joseph Smith plagiarized to make the Book of Mormon, and various speeches from its leaders show the LDS Church's true nature.
What is Mormonism
A former Mormon details some of the evidence that caused him to leave the LDS church.
Word for the Weary
The challenge of Mormonism from a Biblical perspective.

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