Sites in this category explore the person, character, claims, controversies, and historical research about Jesus Christ from a variety of viewpoints.
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Ancient Jewish Accounts of Jesus
Collection of ancient Jewish documents which possibly refer to Jesus.
Frontline: From Jesus to Christ
Explores the life of Jesus and the rise of Christianity. Includes interviews with some of the nation's leading liberal New Testament scholars.
The Historical Jesus
Instruction by James F. McGrath Assistant Professor of Religion at Butler University, Indianapolis.
Historical Jesus Theories
Find the historical Jesus with help from a wide variety of sources.
Historicity of Jesus
The historicity of Jesus is a distinction between Jesus as reconstructed through historical methods and the Christ of faith as understood through theological tradition.
The Jesus of the New Age Movement (by Ron Rhodes)
Analyzes new age beliefs regarding Jesus.
Jesus Seminar
Organized under the Westar Institute to renew the quest for the historical Jesus and to report the results of its research.
Jesus Through Buddhist Eyes
Books & Culture reviews varying Buddhist approaches to Jesus.
Jesus: A Historical Reconstruction
Reconstructs the life of Jesus and the beginning of Christianity. Calls into question many commonly accepted beliefs such as Jesus' birth in Bethlehem. Quotes from a variety of primary sources.
New Testament Gateway: Historical Jesus
An annotated gateway to internet resources on the Historical Jesus. Part of the New Testament Gateway by Dr. Mark Goodacre, Lecturer in New Testament at the University of Birmingham, United Kingdom.
Proving the Historic Jesus
An essay by journalist Harry V. Martin, publisher of the Napa Sentinel and the North American Investigative Journal.
The Quest of the Historical Jesus
Online English text of the 1906 book on the historical Jesus by Albert Schweitzer, who took the non-Christian position that Jesus was a failed eschatological prophet.
Ways of Christ
Documents on Jesus' contributions to human consciousness and to the changes of mankind and the earth, with new viewpoints from many fields of investigation and experience and with practical hints for personal development.
Who killed Jesus?
A Straight Dope Staff Report.
Wikipedia: Religious Perspectives on Jesus
How a variety of different religions view Jesus.

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