A Lolcat is an image combining a photograph of an animal, most frequently a cat, with a humorous and idiosyncratic caption in broken English referred to as "Kitty Pidgin" or "lolspeak". The idea originated on 4chan imageboards as "Caturday". The name "lolcat" is a compound word of "lol" (laugh out loud) and "cat". The phenomenon is also referred to as cat macros.
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I Can Has Cheezburger?
Humorous captioned pictures of felines and other animals. Visitors can submit their own material or add captions to a large archive of available pictures.
Features captioned pictures of cats.
The lolsingularity
Meta humor on the lolcats phenomenon.
Mental Floss
First in a series of blog posts about the LOLCATS phenomenon.
Wikimedia Commons: Lolcats
Creative Commons licensed lolcat images.
Wikipedia: Lolcat
Open-content encyclopedia describing the phenomenon and its history.
The Daily Pennsylvanian: Iz not cats everywhere? Online trend spreads across campus
The lolcats phenomenon on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania. (November 14, 2007)
Toronto Star: Funny how 'stupid' site is addictive
Newspaper article covering the early days of lolcats. (September 22, 2007)
Wall Street Journal: With 'LOLcats' Internet Fad, Anyone Can Get In on the Joke
By Aaron Rutkoff. Examines the success of "I Can Has Cheezburger", a mini-tutorial on lolcats, and a short history. (August 25, 2007)
Techland: Lolcats Addendum: Where I Got the Story Wrong
Lev Grossman, author of the Time article in July, 2007, corrects some errors in the original. (July 16, 2007)
Time: Creating a Cute Cat Frenzy
Article by Lev Grossman covering the internet meme and its spin-offs. (July 12, 2007)
Information Week: I'm In UR InfurmashunWeeks Splainin LOLcats K Bai
Article from the "Digital Life" blog. (May 21, 2007)
Live Granades: LOLTrek
Blog post that explores the lolcat phenomenon and translates screen captures from the original Star Trek series episode "Trouble With Tribbles" into lolcat. (May 02, 2007)
Geoffrey Chaucer Hath a Blog: I Can Hath Cheezburger?
Blog written in the style of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales describes Lolcats and offers some captioned medieval art that depicts Chaucer's pilgrims. (May 01, 2007)
Open Source: I Can Has Talking Animals?
Discussion of the lolcats meme by this podcast/blog. (April 18, 2007)
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