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A. Philip Randolph Institute
AFL-CIO-affiliated organization of black trade unionists, working to build black community support for the movement. Biographies and history, products and services, conference information, and news provided.
BROWNson's nursing notes
Includes directories to unions and advocacy groups related to nursing.
Canadian Association of Labour Media
CALM provides labour news and graphics service for Canadian union editors.
The Coalition of Immokalee Workers
A community-based worker organization. Its members are largely Hispanic, Haitian, and Mayan Indian immigrants working in low-wage jobs throughout the Southwest Florida region.
Committee for a Workers' International
Building an international workers' movement for socialism in over 35 countries.
Email group advocating workers' rights.
Duke Energy Employee Advocate
Employees fighting cash balance retirement pension plan injustice through EEOC age discrimination charges, and lobbying Congress.
Farmworker Justice
Information on public policy and legal issues regarding migrant and seasonal farm workers, including labor law, immigration, occupational safety and health, women's issues and access to justice.
Labor Council for Latin American Advancement
An organization designed to bring together all the Latin American men and women union members in the United States.
Maquila Solidarity Network
Activists organizing "Maquiladora" factories to improve conditions, win a living wage, and campaign against multi-national corporate abuse.
National Jobs for All Coalition
Building a new movement for full employment at livable wages.
The Two Per Cent Solution: A Workable Approach to Employee Ownership and Control
Presents a gradualist approach toward majority ownership by employees of the stock of the companies they work for. Web Hosting
Web site hosting services for unions, nonprofit organizations and businesses. Free 'say union yes' email address available for union members.
Company offering software support to the labor movement.
War of the Classes: The Scab
Transcript of a speech American socialist and author Jack London gave on the topic of strikebreaking to the Oakland Socialist Party in 1903.

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