Parkour, sometimes known as Free Running is a combination of gymnastics and running. Participants, known as Traceurs, use the urban landscape in unconventional ways, for example, jumping barriers or scaling walls rather than going around them.
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American Parkour
Community with tutorials, articles, store, media, and forum.
Australian Parkour Association
Membership information, training classes, forum and newsletters. Includes Parkourpedia, a glossary of useful terminology.
Flickr: Parkour
A large collection of Parkour related pictures.
Isra Parkour
Forum, videos and pictures of a small group from Basingstoke, England.
Keaton Street Stunts
Showcases some of Keaton's work in Parkour, tricking and tumbling.
Showcase by photographer Andy Day who specialises in parkour and free running. Includes profile and print ordering.
Parkour and Freerunning
A blog about the introduction of the sport into mainstream clubs.
Parkour Generations
A group of Traceurs dedicated to teaching and displaying the discipline of Parkour. Includes training courses, professional media production services, profiles and blog.
Parkour Online
Events, articles and blog.
Parkour Training Blog
Blog about Parkour training techniques, philosophy of movement and general tips & tricks to get started in Parkour.
PK Cali
Parkour community representing California, USA with forum, pictures, videos, sessions map, and articles.
San Francisco Bay based community with forum, history, current local events, and about us.
Team Twisted Freerunning
Freerunning team from Holland.
UK Parkour Association
A resource for traceurs and people wanting to learn about the sport. Includes tutorials, tricks and training information, downloads, message board and contacts.
UMass Parkour
UMPK is a club at UMass Amherst for students to learn and train together. Anyone with an open mind is invited to join.
Urban Escape
Freerunning team based in Delhi, India. Forum, photo album and polls.
Wikipedia: Parkour
Article that gives an overview of the sport. Includes history, interview with the co-founder, and the impact of commercialization.
Worldwide JAM
News site with pictures, videos, current events, and links to an upcoming magazine and TV station.
BBC News: The Art of Le Parkour
An introduction to this urban sport by Hugh Schofield. (April 29, 2002)

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