Information on the general theory and philosophy of the design process.

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This category is not for websites having to do with the business of design. These sites should be submitted to the design category in Business.

This category is for non-commercial sites that provide information on the general theory and philosophy of the design process. Commercial designers should submit to the most appropriate category under Business.

If you feel your site is relevant to this category, please submit to the most appropriate subcategory listed here.

Note: Sites must be in English. Sites in languages other than English should be submitted to the appropriate language in World.

  • Nota: Nota: Los sitios deben estar en inglés. Los sitios en español deben enviarse a su categoría apropiada dentro de World/Español.
  • Note: Les sites doivent être en anglais. Les sites en français devraient être proposés dans la catégorie appropriée de World/Français.
  • Anmerkung: Hier bitte nur englische Sites anmelden. Deutschsprachige Sites bitte in der passenden Kategorie unter World/Deutsch anmelden.
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  • Nota: I siti devono essere in inglese. Siti in lingue diverse dall'inglese devono essere dottoposti nella sottocategoria linguistica corrispondente di World/Italiano.
  • Nota: Os locais devem estar em inglês. Os locais nas línguas à excepção do inglês devem ser submetidos a World/Português.
  • Not: Sitelerin Y´ngilizce olmasy´ gerekmektedir. Türkçe olarak hazy´rlanmy siteler World/Türkçe.
This category contains links to other areas of the Open Directory Project that provide information on designers in all disciplines.
Information on schools, colleges, courses and programs that provide instruction in design.

This category contains information on education in the various disciplines of design. Before submitting, please look at the subcatories to see if your site fits best there..

Following these guidelines will help speed up the review process of your site.

For sites which promote the artistic side of fashion accessories. These sites may include a designer''s line, tips or advice. But they should not include sales. Sites which sell accessories should be submitted to Shopping: Clothing: Accessories/.
This category contains sites that discuss the theory and practice of furniture design and show illustrative examples.

This category is for general information on the art of furniture design. Furniture for sale and sites for furniture designers should not be submitted here.

If your site contains furniture for sale, please submit instead it to the most appropriate category under Home Furnishings or Antiques and Collectibles.

Furniture designers should submit to Furniture Designers or Wood Craft.

Industrial Design is a creative activity whose aim is to determine the formal qualities of objects produced by industry. These formal qualities include the external features but are principally those structural and functional relationships which convert a system to a coherent unity both from the point of view of the producer and user. Industrial Design extends to embrace all aspects of human environment which are conditioned by industrial production.
This category is for sites that discuss the theory and practice of industrial design. Sites for professional firms and individuals designers should be submitted to Business/Industries/Design/Industrial_Designers .
Information on the aesthetic and technical aspects of conceptualizing interior residential and commercial spaces.

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This category is for information on the interior design of residential and commercial spaces. This is NOT for information on products that are used in interior design. Submitting products here will delay your listing. If you have a product used in interior design use the search and find where your product should be listed.

Please do NOT submit information on do-it-yourself projects, items for sale or commercial services of any kind.

If your site contains items for sale online, please submit to the most appropriate category under Shopping .

Interior designers should submit to Interior Designers.

Information for do-it-yourself residential decorating should be submitted to Home Decorating.

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Print and electronic publications devoted to a discussion of the process of design and its related disciplines, as well as the exhibition of the resulting products.
Information on associations, collectives or groups whose primary purpose is to advocate, support or disseminate information on the design process.
Please find the most relevant subcategory for your organization and submit there.
Frequently updated entries that focus on multiple topics in design. Sites focusing on a specific design topic should be suggested to that subcategory. Weblog entries must be dated, and they should updated frequently in order to be listed here.

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Title: Name of Site or Organization

Description: This describes the website and should note distinguishing features found on the site without the use of hype, personal pronouns, or repetitive terms.