Since the 1960s, computers have been used to create, enhance, or alter art in various ways. With the increasing availability of affordable multimedia equipment computers have become one of the most accessible mediums for art.
The Internet has developed as the most challenging aspect for this community, and art is thriving on the Net, both in conceptual form and in web-based graphics and animations.
We know 'Digital Arts' is a sketchy term and possibly not the best. But today this seems to be understood by the artists working with digital support. Here we have defined Digital Arts as [Art + Computer + Interactivity + Multimedia].
This category comprises artistic works that need a digital media or support to express its essence. Two ways artistic digital works are generally identified are through their multi-media and interactive content.

Before submitting a site in Arts/Digital please consider these categories:
Evolutive digital works are artistic objects that change and evolve by themselves, without the direct action of the author or the users.
In this category are not listed graphic works with automatic loops, linear animations or movies. Evolutive objects are, in some way, alive, as they offer different experiences when interacting in different moments or under different conditions.

Artistic objects and experiences where digital support is the core but physical elements are used in a real space.

The installations described in the sites listed in this category should have digital and physical components.

Consider another category under Arts/Digital if the artistic work is 100% digital. Consider Arts/Visual_Arts/Installation_Art if the installation referred is 100% physical.

For quicker placement in the directory please follow these Submission Tips:

Title: Name of Site or Organization

Description: This describes the website and should note distinguishing features found on the site without the use of hype, personal pronouns, or repetitive terms.

This category is for magazines and e-zines concerned with digital art.
Personal journals should be submitted to the appropriate subcategory in Arts: Online Writing: Non-Fiction: Online Journals: Individual.
Net.Art is a conceptual, signal based art form with its roots in the early video art of the 1970's.
Net.Artists investigate the conventions of the Internet and its users. This often involves structural changes: The artist creates a system that can be extended by users, possibly dispensing with hyperlinks, or using them in such a way that any orientation is lost.

There is still dispute over how, and if, should be defined:
Steve Dietz of the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis suggests ``computability, connectivity and interactivity'' as definitive qualities of Net art.
``Network, screen and mouse do not define Net art,'' digital artist Fabian Wagmister of UCLA.

But it's apparent, after four years general use of the term 'Net.Art,' that this type of work has reached a critical moment in its development. It has found a place in major galleries and is now appearing on other information devices, such as WAP phones and PDAs.

Net.Art is more than simply art on the Net. For this reason plain graphics and web design will not be listed in this category. Consider submitting your site to Flash and Shockwave/Designers, Design/New Media, Web Design and Development, or a subcategory within Arts/Visual Arts.

When submitting useful information might include funding source, site content, connections and history, browser requirements, and details of other site features (links etc.).
This category is for individual websites which provide a broad range of information on the topic of digital arts.
Commercial services should be submitted to the appropriate subcategory in the Business or Shopping tree.
Threedimensional objects and spaces created with artistic purposes.
Web rings are an alternative way to create an interest group on the internet. Members can surf to each other's sites through web ring links which they place on their web pages. The power behind the growth of many of these rings lies with, a non-profit organization. WebRing Org helps its ringmasters assemble interest groups with a minimum of fuss. Digital art web rings can be searched by key word, and description from the Web Ring Organization's main url: