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(b. 1946; Leicester, England)
(1903-1959; Naugatauk, Connecticut)
(b. 1932; Salonika, Greece)
(1894-1958; Waco, Texas)

Designer in Chief at Paramount before moving to 20th Century Fox in 1939 and finally to Universal Studios from 1945 until 1948; outfitted over 200 Hollywood productions.
(b. Brisbane, Australia)
(b. 1950; London, England)
(b. Niagara Falls, New York)
(b. Turin, Italy)
Designer nominated for three consecutive British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA)
Awards, winning in 2000 for work on a television adaptation of Dickens's Great Expectations.

The Lost Prince earned the designer a Royal Television Society Award in 2003, and Gormenghast secured her a 2000 nomination in the Craft and Design category for Best Costume Design, Drama.
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(b. Dunedin, New Zealand)
(1926-2001; Suzzara, Italy)
(1897-1981; San Bernardino, California)

Sites devoted to the eight-time Academy Award-winning Costume Designer (forty nominations) who worked on hundreds of films during her career.
(1950-1995; Bethlehem, Pennsylvania)
(b. 1939; Tokyo, Japan)
(1914-1995; San Diego, California)
(1897-1985; Chicago, Illinois)
(1907-1997; Paris)
(b. New Jersey)
(b. 1965; Lindfield, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia)
(b. 1931; London, England)
(1907-1983; Rome, Italy)
(1897-1964; Kiama, New South Wales, Australia )
(b. Sydney, Australia)
(b. Rosignano Solvay, Italy)
(b. 1963; New York)
(b. Czechoslavakia)
(1902-1982; Oakland, California)
(b. 1935; Chortlon-Cum-Hardy, England)
(b. 1960; London, England)
(1904-1985; Chicago, Illinois)
(b. 1931; Hanover, Pennsylvania)
(1910-1993; Boston, Massachusetts)
(b. Poland)
(b. Hihi, New Zealand)
(1899-1962; Bristol, England)
born Frederick Arlington Valles
(b. 1930; Paris, France)