Category for sites pertaining to the Dayton, Ohio band Guided by Voices, appearing on both Matador and TVT Records.
Sites dealing with the band Guided by Voices as well as frontman Robert Pollard belong in this category, as Pollard has publically stated that there is no difference between his self-released solo albums (such as the Fading Captain series) and GBV albums except the label which is releasing the material (Matador, TVT).

Sites related to solo projects of former band member Tobin Sprout, unless containing primarily material from his GbV years, should be listed under Arts: Music: Bands and Artists: S unless and until a category for Sprout''s work is created. (For example, Sprout''s homepage, promoting his solo work and collaborations such as eyesinweasel, are listed under Bands and Artists: S, while an article dealing exclusively with Sprout''s GbV songs would appear in the GbV category.)

The same rules apply to sites dedicated to guitarist Doug Gillard and his band, Gem, and the other members of the Guided by Voices family.

Acts that perform in imitation of Guided by Voices.