For sites dedicated primarily to instruments of the mandolin family. Subjects include musical range and tone, technical specifications, history, and instrument making, manufacture and repair.
Mandolin websites for Organizations and Education may be submitted here if no other subcategory exists elsewhere on the Open Directory Project.

For bands and artists, please check other possible categories before submitting to the Mandolin/Bands_and_Artists subcategory here. For example, sites about Bill Monroe should NOT be submitted here, but instead should go to: Arts/Music/Styles/Bluegrass/Bands_and_Artists/Monroe,_Bill. If in doubt, please go ahead and submit the site here. These guidelines will help make submittal and review as efficient as possible.

As a final check before submitting here, please review whether your site falls under one of the following categories. Sites for walk-in stores belong in the Regional category relevant to the store location(s). Online retail shopping sites belong in the Shopping category Shopping/Music/Instruments/Stringed/Mandolin/. Sites that are not in English belong under the World category. Thank you.

Please submit sites for bands and artists that prominantly feature and showcase the mandolin. A site of a more general nature may fit better under a style category of music. Band and artist style categories include:

Arts/Music/Styles/Bluegrass/Bands_and_Artists/, or
For artisans making instruments singly or in small batches, and either selling them directly to musicians or through a small number of retailers.
Suggested description format:

Name of Luthier. Description of primary unique feature offered by website, such as background and skills of luthier, construction methods, or services. Location.