Soukous, a combination of Cuba rumba and Congolese rhythms, arose in the 1950s. It is sometimes referred to as Lingala music as the lyrics were sung in Lingala, the interethnic trading language. The style became popular in London and Paris in the 1980s.
Born in 1954 in the Congo, Diblo Dibala was playing guitar in Franco's TPOK band at the age of 15. He also played with Vox Africa, Bella Bella, and Ochestre Bella Mambo. He went to Paris in 1981 and joined Kanda Bongo Man, releasing the album Iyole that year. It was a huge success in Europe and he was soon the most sought after studio musician in Paris. He then formed his own band, Loketo, which he left in 1990 to form Matchatcha. He is considered one of the greatest soukous lead guitarists.