One of the first truly international music styles, reggae has its origins in the ska and rocksteady studios of Kingston, Jamaica. Some of the first reggae studios (Black Ark) later went on to create new genres, including dub, ragga, and even the prototype for American hip hop. The most famous proponents of reggae are the Marley family (Bob and Ziggy), whose bands toured the world and produced some of the best selling singles and albums of all time. The first producer of Bob Marley and the Wailers was Lee "Scratch" Perry, legendary father of dub (originally meaning the B-side of a record, with drum breaks and dropouts for MCs to shout out over).
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Style of reggae music that evolved from "raggamuffin" music in the mid-1980s. Dancehall is faster than typical reggae, and features strident vocals alongside drum machine-based production styles. In the 1990s, there was considerable crossover between gangsta-rappers and Jamaican dancehall singers and producers.


Originally Dub was a creation of Jamaican Reggae producers who used sound collages to create dynamic interactions of music... as a science it took from many sources and many levels. Dub today grows into the genre of Drum and Bass as think tendrils of bass reverberate inside the mind providing sweet release from the stress of this Babylonian world. More information on dub history and artists available at
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