This category is for Writing that exists exclusively online. It includes both Fiction and Non-Fiction Writing, as well as E-zines.
Published writing should be submitted to Literature .

Books for sale should be submitted to Shopping.

Sites with information for writers should be submitted to Writers Resources .

Sites that are published on a regular schedule, which accept submissions, or have the works of several authors should be submitted to E-zines .

If your site is not primarily writing, and contains other information about you or your hobbies, please submit it to Personal Homepages .

Please note that editors get many submissions every day. By submitting your site to the appropriate category you make it easier for your site to be listed in Curlie.

For those pages which promote discussion of online writing. These may include discussion boards, message boards, chat rooms, or other types of forums.
Sites here should concentrate on online writing. Works should not be published off the Internet. If your site is about discussion of literature or any work published in print, please send it to Literature .
This category is for sites containing electronic texts of original, unpublished works for dramatic presentation.
E-zines in the sub-categories of Arts: Online Writing: E-zines publish various forms of writing online. The category is split into several Genres.
An e-zine is the electronic form of a magazine, delivered via the Internet through the web, by e-mail, as a PDF file, or some other commonly accepted electronic form. It shares many of the characteristics of a paper magazine. It will have a regular publishing schedule: daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, etc.

It can accept submissions, which are then approved and edited by an editor or a staff using an agreed upon editorial process. Or it could be produced by a small group of writers.

An e-zine will typically publish only a small selection of the work submitted to it, setting a tone for the zine.

A website that updates irregularly, publishes everything submitted to them--like a moderated forum--or a personal website with writing by one person should submit to one of the genre categories under Online Writing: Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction or Mixed Genre.

If your zine is a paper zine with a website, or if the subject matter of the e-zine deals with writing in print, including but not limited to book reviews, criticism and literary theory, it should be submitted to the appropriate sub-category within the Literature category.

If your website fits the requirements of an e-zine, please find the correct genre within the E-zines category to submit to. Submitting to an inappropriate category can delay the review of your website.
The Fiction category in Online Writing is for sites that feature or discuss fiction that exists solely on the Internet.
Please submit sites featuring general contemporary fiction by more than one writer. If your site is about writing that has appeared in print, it should be submitted to an appropriate category in Literature. If your book is for sale, it will not be listed here. Please submit it to Shopping .

If the site is about one specific genre (Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, etc), please submit to the appropriate genre category in Genres. If your writing covers more than one genre, submit to the Mixed Genre category in Fiction.

Sites with general contemporary fiction by one writer should be submitted in the Personal Pages category.

Sites that also include non-fiction or poetry should be submitted to Mixed_Genre.

The Arts/Online_Writing/Journals section is for and about online personal journals. This includes journals by a single author; several categories of themed journals; collaborative journals with multiple authors; collections of journals; and resources for journal writing.

For an online journal to be accepted for inclusion, it must have a series of dated entries already on the site.

Advice for getting your Journal listed as soon as possible

1. Be sure that Journals is the most appropriate category

For a journal to be accepted for listing, it must:
  • Have regular dated entries (whether it be daily, weekly, monthly, etc.)
  • Focus on the thoughts, opinions, actions, and life of the author.

With so many categories in DMOZ, it is quite possible that your site might be better suited somewhere else. A few related categories include:

  • Sites which contain a large quantity of other personal information in addition to a journal (such as photos, hobbies, resume, home video, web design) should be submitted to Personal Homepages.
  • Sites which focus on linking to other sites and commenting on those sites should be submitted to Weblogs.
  • Sites which focus on the lives of multiple members of a family should be submitted to Family Websites.

2. Write a Properly Formatted Title

To maintain the quality of this category, a consistent title format must be used. Titles should be of the form "Lastname, Firstname - Title of Your Site". Alternatively, you may use your username instead of real name if you wish to be anonymous. In this case, the format is "Username - Title of Your Site".

Good TitlesBad Titles

  • Smith, Amanda
  • Smith, Amanda - A Thirst for Thought
  • AquaGirl - A Thirst for Thought

  • A Thirst for Thought [no name]
  • Amanda Smith - A Thirst for Thought [does not use Lastname, Firstname format]
  • aquagirl ... a thirst for thought ...[does not use proper punctuation and capitalization]

3. Write a Properly Formatted Description

The description for your submission should:

  • Be objective and concise. Avoid using hype or exaggeration.
  • Show what makes your journal unique. What types of things do you tend to write about? Do you have a particular style? Do you annotate your entries with artwork?
  • Indicate your perspective on the world. Information such as your age, gender, career, or interests (approximate information is fine) helps ODP users decide to read your journal.
  • Avoid first person pronouns like "I", "me", "my", "you", "your", and "our".
  • Avoid the words "journal", "online", or "diary" as those are all implied by the category.
  • Not state how often your journal is updated. This can change in the future and would then be misleading.

Good DescriptionsBad Descriptions
  • A Canadian girl in her early 20''s chronicles her thoughts on shopping urges, relationships, and her classes.
  • A single mother in her 30''s writes about relationships - with her friends, her son, her boyfriend, and her ex-husband.
  • Living in Philadelphia, a married man shares his opinions on politics, parenthood, job stresses, and his love of racing pigeons.
  • A college girl ponders her daily decisions as she prepares to make the transition from school to the real world.

  • Join me as I write about my life. [too generic; uses "my" and "I"]
  • The bloggings of a 27-year-old gay man who lives in the Midwest. [uses "blog" words; if it is a weblog, it belongs in Web Logs]
  • An online journal about an average man. [too generic; uses redundant phrase "online journal"]
  • A fantastically-written epic voyage with a stunning college student from Arkansas. [too much hype]
  • An Arizona mother and wife traces the ups and downs of family life. Updated daily. [good, except reference to writing frequency]

4. Please remember...

DMOZ editors get many suggestions every day. By suggesting your site to the most appropriate category and writing good titles and descriptions, you make it easier for your site to be listed on the DMOZ.

This category is for sites that include a mixture of types of writing and may not fit in one of the other subcats. Sites may include Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry, Journals, etc. In order to be listed in this category, please make sure your site includes more than one of the types of writing.
If your site is about writing that has appeared in print, it should be submitted to an appropriate category in Literature. If your book is for sale, it will not be listed here. Please submit it to Shopping .

If your site consists of only one type of writing you may want to submit it to Fiction , Non-Fiction , Poetry , or Journals.

Online Non-Fiction is for original non-fiction (Online Journals, Rants and News Columns) which has been published on the Net.
Please submit sites which consist solely of non-fiction pieces. If your site does not meet this requirement you may want to consider, Poetry , Fiction , or Mixed Genre (for those sites containing a mixture of fiction, non-fiction and poetry).
Collection of web pages about an individual or group and their interests. Please select the subcategory that best describes the topic/content of the site. Personal web pages that are more general in nature, that do not fit in one of these subcategories should be suggested instead to the appropriate category in Society/People/Personal_Homepages/ or, if a blog, then to /Society/People/Personal_Homepages/Weblogs/
This is a showcase for poetry published independently on the web by the author. Poetry ranges from wacky to morose, depending on the mood of the web page programmer.
This category is dedicated to sites in the English language. If your site is not in English, please suggest it to the proper language category under World. If the site is mainly selling a book, please suggest the site to Shopping/Publications/Books/Arts/Poetry/.