Informational sites about the circus arts, including trapeze, high wire, juggling, contortion, clowning, and stiltwalking.
Circus arts management, booking, production, distribution, and marketing sites should be submitted to Business: Arts and Entertainment: Circus.

Online stores should be submitted to Shopping: Entertainment: Performing Arts: Circus.

Websites of performing circus companies, as well as fan sites about specific circuses.
Sites that do no have English content should be submitted to the appropriate category in World.
The art of keeping 3 or more objects in the air at the same time. Jugglers tend to do more than just juggle though, so a lot of the other things jugglers do are included, like devil sticks, diabolos, cigar boxes and more...
Before submitting a site here, please look to see if there is a more appropriate sub-category.

In particular, there are various categories for specific juggling disciplines, a ''Shopping'' category for sites selling juggling equipment online, and a ''Jugglers'' category for professional and amateur performers. Submitting your site to the wrong category will only delay editorial review and potential listing.

To be eligible for a listing in this category, your site must provide the following information:

  • Contact Details (both email and phone/mailing address
  • Area of Expertise (fire poi, fire staff, fire whip, scripted performances, etc)
  • Booking Details (can simply be an email address
  • Regions you work (cities, countries)
  • and preferably safety and insurance details
Lighting, rigging, sound and stage.