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Theatre is the imitation/representation of life, performed for other people; the performance of dramatic literature; drama; the milieu of actors and playwrights, the place that is the setting for dramatic performances. Here are found sites and categories that focus primarily on interpretation and style of the production, direction, performance, and stagecraft, or the effectiveness of the performance itself, as well as the building or buildings in which plays are produced and offered for viewing by an audience, and the dramatic arts and the people who work in, advocate, or study them.
Sites regarding an individual''s biography of awards or interview for such awards should be submitted to the appropriate letter at Arts/Performing_Arts/Theatre/People/.
This category contains links to sites related to theatre and stage awards.
Sites regarding an individual''s biography of awards or interview for such awards should be submitted to the appropriate letter at Arts/Performing_Arts/Theatre/People/.
Information about theatre specific to a cultural, ethnic, gender, or social group.
Websites should not be listed in this category.
Information about theatre in different regions of the world.
Websites are not listed in this category. This category serves only as an aid to navigate this directory.
Includes links to message boards, mailing lists, discussion forums, chat rooms, and related resources to interact with members of and those interested in theatre.
This category is for theatre companies and troupes specific to a regional community.
Please submit to the appropriate continent and country, when possible. For example, many submissions for community theatre are based in, and should be submitted to the United_States or United_Kingdom categories, as appropriate.
Contains pages about theatre conferences.
A Dinner Theater is defined as a dinner and a show together in one seating or one venue. Plays can be scripted or improvised , during or after dinner
If it is a murder mystery, please submit it to the Arts/Performing_Arts/Theatre/Dinner_Theatre/Murder_Mystery/ category.
This category concerns itself only with directing for live theatre, which may include opera and, in some instances, theatrical dance.
Individual director pages should go in the Arts/Performing_Arts/Theatre/Directing/Stage_Directors/ category.
This category contains links to sites that serve as directories of resources related to theatre. Directories provide a straight list of sites, sometimes with a brief description. For example, the Open Directory Project is a directory.
Databases of plays and music should be submitted to Arts/Performing_Arts/Theatre/Reference/
Dramaturgy refers to a set of activities necessary to the theater-making process, often centering around the work of selecting and preparing playscripts for production.
People offering dramaturgy related services should submit their site to Arts/Performing_Arts/Theatre/Dramaturgy/Dramaturges.
This category contains theatrical education resources.
Education specific to acting should go in the Arts/Performing_Arts/Acting/Education/ category.
Experimental theatre is all about breaking the rules of a "typical" theatre performance.
Websites about the history of theatre.
From its roots in Commedia dell'arte, improvisational theatre has evolved into a flourishing independent art form. On TV it's been popularized by the British and USA show "Whose Line Is it Anyway?". Finding a niche somewhere between scripted theater and sketch comedy, improv appears in a multitude of incarnations. Competitive improvisation, where 2 or more teams play against each other, the audience or a jury determining the winner, is presented by groups like "ImprovOlympics", "TheaterSports", and "ComedySportz". Comedy/Satire Improvisation comes in either short or long form. Short meaning that a troupe presents a performance comprised of a series of diverse, audience driven sketches. Long form usually means that the company presents an evening long improv losely structed around an initial audience suggested theme/plot/cast of characters. Playback theatre is an original form of improvisational theatre in which audience or group members tell stories from their lives and watch them enacted on the spot.
If you are most focused on comedy, then you should submit your site to the Arts/Performing_Arts/Comedy/Improvisational_Comedy/ category.
Sites relating to the controversial 19th and 20th century genre of musical theatre performed in "blackface".
Includes sites related to musical theatre, including specific musical productions (see alphabar), along with categories for performers, composers, chats and forums, news and media about musicals, scripts, resources, fan pages about multiple musicals, and directories of musicals and musical websites.
Please submit chats and forums dedicated to a specific musical to the category for that musical.
This category contains links related to news and media coverage of theatre, including reviews, articles, magazines and e-zines, publications, and journals.
For the Title, please enter name of site or publication.

For the Description, please enter what type of site it is (magazine, journal, article) followed by the site content features (such as ''contains news, articles, mailing list, discussion forum, photo gallery, interviews, FAQs, links'') and similar site features.

This category is for information and resources about off-broadway plays.
Information on specific shows should be submitted to Arts/Performing_Arts/Theatre/Shows/.

Companies and Organizations located in New York but are off-broadway should be submitted to Arts/Performing_Arts/Theatre/NYC_Off_Broadway/Companies/
This category contains links to resources related to advocacy groups, organizations, and associations to the performing arts and theatre community.
Performing companies should be submitted to the appropriate category within Arts/Performing_Arts/Theatre/Theatres_and_Troupes/ or Arts/Performing_Arts/Theatre/Community_Theatre/.
Includes alphabetical subcategories (A to Z) for sites focused on individuals centered on theatre, including directors, producers, actor/actresses (theatre only), playwrights, and allied theatre professionals.
Please do NOT submit sites to this category. Please submit to the proper letter [based on last name] (see the alphabar at the top of the page).

Please format submissions:

Title = [Last, First Name]

Description = Good things to include are details of what is available on the site, such as "Includes photo gallery, performance timeline and credits, reviews, awards, mailing list, message board, and links."

Physical theatre is a type of theatre where the physical movements are the main focus of the performance. Examples include miming and masking.
This category is for resources pertaining to physical theatre.

Companies should be submitted to the appropriate category in Arts/Performing_Arts/Theatre/Physical_Theatre/Companies/

Schools should be submitted to the appropriate category in Arts/Performing_Arts/Theatre/Education/.
Includes links to sites that provide resources on producing a theatre production.
Production companies should be submitted to Arts/Performing_Arts/Theatre/Production/Companies/.
Reference is a category for sites devoted to the study of and access to information itself, or sites containing comprehensive information on a variety of topics. Websites might include those of Libraries and Museums, Dictionaries, Databases, and Encyclopedias.
This category is for websites that provide a comprehensive overview of theatre.

Websites about Libraries and Museums, Databases of show information, Dictionaries, and Encyclopedias should be submitted to the Arts/Performing_Arts/Theatre/Reference/ category.

Directories of websites should be submitted to Arts/Performing_Arts/Theatre/Directories/.
This category contains links to sites related to skits or scripts that are free and available for download or online viewing.
If the site provides skits or scripts for sale, via online ordering, phone or email ordering, then forward the entry to Shopping/Entertainment/Theatre.
This category concentrates on productions of the bard's plays around the world, and all aspects of Shakespearean theatre.
Includes links to specific theatre productions that are NOT musicals.
Theatres and troupes putting on a specific play should be submitted to Arts/Performing_Arts/Theatre/Theatres_and_Troupes/

For the submitted title on the entry, please submit the play''s title.

For the submitted description on the entry, please submit what type of play it is. Is it dramatic, one-act, three-act? Is it centered on women, politics, a historical event? Does the site provide unique content, such as a mailing list, newsletter, photo gallery, list of cast members, show dates, or location?

Includes sites serving as artistic resources for special effects makeup. Sites may include but not limited to:
  • Professional associations for special effects or theatrical makeup artists
  • Discussion forums, message boards, chat rooms
  • Publications and magazine centered around special effects / theatrical makeup artistry
Please re-direct submissions for special effects or theatrical makeup artists, companies, and production companies to the Business/Arts_and_Entertainment/Media_Production/Personnel/Makeup/ category.
Resources centered around electrics, sound, rigging, pyrotechnics - the whole world of Stagecraft on the Open Directory Project.
For individuals and companies that provide products and services related to stagecraft, please re-direct submissions to the appropriate category within Business/Arts_and_Entertainment/.

Sites within these categories should be limited to general resources that would benefit interested parties, but not particular individuals and businesses who wish to provide such products and services.

In professional theatre the Stage Manager's function is to facilitate. The stage manager provides a central point of communication and support for all of the creative departments (i.e.: lighting, sound, set design, properties, special effects design, etc.) as they all work together to realize the director's "vision" of the new show. During rehearsals the cast and crew are added to the process as the stage manager continues to refine his understanding of the what the director wants the show to become. Come opening night, the stage manager becomes 100% responsible for every aspect of the show. His job is to "maintain the artistic integrity of the performances" and to maintain the master prompt script for as long as the show runs. He "calls" the performance cues to all of the tech departments, is responsible for (and to) the actors, is in charge of replacement rehearsals in the cast (if that becomes necessary) and all understudy rehearsals. In fact, after opening, if the director wants to call a brush-up rehearsal or even assemble the cast to give notes on a performance, he will schedule it through the stage manager.
Please submit only sites related to stage management in live theatre and performance. Be sure to mention any content that is of special interest to other stage managers, or persons not in the entertainment industry, interested in learning more about the subject.
    Sites may include, but not limited to:
  • Stage management associations
  • Chats and forums centered around stage management
  • Trade magazines or publications
  • Educational programs, schools, instruction, and training in stage management
Stage movement includes physical techniques than can be used within any type of theatre performance.
Schools about stage movement should be submitted to Arts/Performing_Arts/Theatre/Education/ .
Information about technical theatre.
Please don''t suggest commercial websites to this category. They are probably better suited to Business/Arts_and_Entertainment/Tools_and_Equipment/Theatre.
This category is for theatre companies and troupes.
Please submit to the appropriate continent and country, when possible. For example, many submissions for theatre companies are based in, and should be submitted to the United_States or United_Kingdom categories, as appropriate.
Vaudeville shows are often light comic theatrical pieces that often combine pantomime, dancing, dialogue and song. Performances on a Vaudeville stage may range from animals, acrobats, comedians, dancers, singers and mimes.
This category contains links to sites related to theatre venues, theatre houses, and theatres. In other words, this category is more about the 'brick-and-mortar' building and its performances, than the actual troupes or companies that perform within the building. Organizations that are dedicated to restoration of a local theatre house are welcome here. Please be sure to mention the location, this is an international directory.
Troupes and companies should be submitted to Arts/Performing_Arts/Theatre/Theatres_and_Troupes

Community theatre should be submitted to Arts/Performing_Arts/Theatre/Community_Theatre

Dinner Theatre should be submitted to Arts/Performing_Arts/Theatre/Dinner_Theatre/.
An often overlooked section of theater. After all, what does Puss 'n Boots wear when his shoes are out getting shined??

This category is for informational sites on costume departments and/or theatre wardrobe shops, (i.e. the costume shop of the local Opera House, community theatre, ballet company, university, etc.). Also, general information and tips on theatre costuming as a profession.

This category is for informational sites only.

Costume designers, wardrobe managers, cutters, sewers, dressers, etc. whose site primarily focuses on a portfolio or resume/CV, should submit to the Costume Resumes and Portfolios category.

Production stock sales or rentals should be submitted to the Theatre Production Sales and Rentals category.

Thank you for helping the Open Directory Project grow.

This category is an umbrella for all aspects of children's theatre and youth performance.
No sites should be directly listed here.

If your site concerns theatre workshops for children, please submit it to Arts: Performing Arts: Theatre: Education: Youth

If your site concerns performance by children, please submit it to Arts: Performing Arts: Theatre: Troupes and Companies: Youth

If your site concerns a show for a young audience, please submit it to Arts: Performing Arts: Theatre: Shows: Youth

If your site concerns a general information of a non-comercial nature for or by youth, please submit it to Kids and Teens: Arts: Theatre and Drama