Floral growers are the farms where ornamental crops are actually grown for ultimate distribution to a retail outlet. Products include any variety of live cut flowers, filler or tropical flowers, for example; roses, chrysanthemums, gypsophila, heliconia, protea, lily, orchid, carnation and liatris. Web sites will be listed in the category that describes the major part of their production, with secondary crop production listed in the description.
Growers or farms whose crop production is sold only in a small geographical area surrounding the farm location should not be listed here. These web sites should be listed in the appropriate category of the locality or region where the farm is physically located.

Please submit sites only for growers of live floral crops. The distributor site may be submitted to this category if the distributor site is owned by the floral farm.

This category is for organizations such as trade associations whose interests are directly concerned with the growing of commercial cut flowers and foliages.
Please submit sites which primarily feature trade associations of commercial cut flower and foliage growers.

Sites of florist trade associations which include retail and/or wholesale members should be submitted Consumer_Goods_and_Services/Floral/Associations.

Companies that also sell to the general public will be considered in the Wholesale/ category only if those sales are a MINOR part of company's trading. Double listing in both Shopping/ and other Business/ categories will be extremely rare and considered on a case by case basis. NO company whose primary focus is to sell flowers to the general public will be listed here.
Sites whose primary focus is to sell fresh cut flower products in bulk, to resellers, or provide relevant education, guidance or information regarding sources of fresh cut flowers for resellers will be listed here.