Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) have been around since the early 1980s in one form or another.  Typically a 'gathering area' for people with similar interests, they have adapted, grown, and survived as times changed.  BBS systems, while not as popular as they once were, have begun seeing a new dawning in recent times.
They usually have a large variety of Spam free topical message areas.  Online Gaming. Most have new and daily updated shareware files.
Most have moved to the Internet and offer web based interaction.  No need to utilize the old ANSI login style. Although Ansi logins are still widely available.
With over 15,000 traditional BBS's remaining in the United States alone they are a pleasant alternative to the normal web based browsing.

Note that this category is not for phpBB web forums or similar community portals.

Websites listed in this category and its subcategories typically offer access via telnet protocol or are related to such sites.
If the website is really related to Bulletin Board Systems (BBS), then please try to find the most appropriate sub-category.

FidoNet is an amateur electronic mail network with several decades of thousand of mail nodes world wide. Before Internet access became commonplace, FidoNet probably ranked up there alongside some of the better known commercial on-line services in terms of the number of people who used it. Now, of course, it is adapting to the new technologies and many FidoNet systems are also web servers, news servers, and generally accessible over the Internet in one way or another. FidoNet nodes are often personal computers in somebody's basement; the system operator (sysop) may be a young child or a retired grandfather. Some nodes are networks consisting of dozens of PCs or larger systems, and some are run by governments, fire departments, or large corporations to support the needs of their constituents or customers. A few are actually money making ventures.
Sites that have information pertaining to the technical standards and information for new sysops. Sites that advertise a specific locality should be submitted to the appropriate regional category. Individual Nets are allowed to submit here.
The Hotline protocol is an application-layer Internet protocol that allows for community-based chatting, instant messaging, file sharing, and threaded textual submissions.
Please submit links that provide news, information, statistics, end-user help, and developer help concerning the Hotline protocol.
Submit sites about individual bulletin board systems. In order to be considered for listing it is desired that your BBS maintain a 24/7 presence on the Internet. Please also state in your description what software you run. Note that this category is not for phpBB web forums or similar community portals. Sites listed in this category must offer access via telnet protocol.
If you have a stand alone program it should be submitted in the appropriate Software category. Being that BBS software is so unique we know you will have a difficult time finding a category to submit to. You can submit here only So if the program is designed to run within the BBS package or support it.