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Sites offering active discussion spanning a wide variety of computer-related topics. Sites that are focused about 75% or more on a particular topic should be listed under that topic (or its Chats_and_Forums subcat should one exist) instead of here.
Only "Chats and Forums" sites specific to computers, but not specific to any sub-topic of computers belong in this categrory. Sites not offering online chat / forum / bulletin board, or which offer other things in addition are not listed here. Please look for another category based on the main topical focus of the site. Deeplinks to message boards on already-listed sites will generally not be listed at all. "Chats and Forums" sites covering topics not related to computers should be submitted under the best available category for their principle topic, or in the case of a general (multi-topic) forum to Computers/Internet/On_the_Web/Message_Boards. Computers "Chats and Forums" sites focusing mostly (say about 75% or more) on a particular sub-topic of Computers will not be listed here, and should instead be suggested under the narrowest sub-category of Computers that covers that topic. If there''s a "Chats and Forums" sub-category of the topic category, that should be chosen instead, but if not, just suggest to the main category for the topic. Suggesting inappropriate sites to this category will only delay their review and potential listing by editors.