Distributed computing deals with hardware and software systems containing more than one processing element or storage element, concurrent processes, or multiple programs, running under a loosely or tightly controlled regime.

In distributed computing a program is split up into parts that run simultaneously on multiple computers communicating over a network. Distributed computing is a form of parallel computing, but parallel computing is most commonly used to describe program parts running simultaneously on multiple processors in the same computer. Both types of processing require dividing a program into parts that can run simultaneously, but distributed programs often must deal with heterogeneous environments, network links of varying latencies, and unpredictable failures in the network or the computers.
Business or Consulting service that offers commercial products or services in distributed computing.
Businesses or Consulting services should submit to this subcategory, rather then the main category.
Conferences, symposia, workshops, and other meetings that address theory or engineering of distributed computing and produce published (on-line or paper) proceedings.
Only submit meetings that publish proceedings. For other types of events, try a related category that covers training or industry events.
"Standardized" and/or openly accepted infrastructures for creating and deploying distributed applications.
This category is for distributed computing projects. A distributed computing project is a coordinated attack on a particular computational problem, normally open to public participation through the Internet. The organization that wants to solve the problem writes software that divides up the problem into little pieces, then other people download the software and let it run on their computers when they're not doing anything else. A well-known example is SETI@Home, a search through radio signals looking for alien intelligence.
This category contains individual distributed computing projects. If you have a distributed framework (that is, software extensible enough to solve different types of problems) please submit it to the Platforms category instead.
Publications (and conferences with published proceedings) that focus on theory and engineering of distributed computing systems.
Please submit only reviewed on-line or print publications, including journals, books, and edited web sites that address the broad topic of distributed computing. Sites for conferences or workshops that generate (on-line or print) published proceedings are also OK.
This category contains links to distributed computing research groups.