Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a stylesheet language that can be applied to HTML or XML. It allows the presentational suggestions from the author and from the user (and the defaults of the user agent, or browser) to combine ("cascading"). It is more elegant and (in theory) easier to maintain than presentational HTML markup, and it allows control to return to the user.
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This category contains sample style sheets written in CSS for Web pages.
Please only submit sites which contain, or have links to, sample style sheets written in CSS or another style sheet language.

Sites which employ a style sheet which you like should not be submitted, unless the author has specifically allowed their material to be copied. In this case, in the description of the site, it should be noted that it is a link to the site containing the style sheet and not the stylesheet itself.

Please only sites that can be used by those who want to learn how to apply cascading style sheets to their websites. Website Developers should be able to use these sites to teach themselves CSS.
Software and online tools that assist the development of a Cascading Style Sheet file.