Computer systems are any set of hardware, firmware, and peripherals, designed to work together. For personal computers, PCs, a system comprises at least the following: a system unit housing hardware and, the motherboard and any related expansion boards, disk drives (hard, floppy, CD/DVD), memory; a keyboard, a mouse and a monitor. Other devices may be present, such as a printer, modem or backup tape drive. Operating systems and application software can be thought of as parts of a full computer system, but this category focuses on HARDWARE components only. The Computers/Systems category covers hardware and software systems.
Alpha is a RISC CPU that was created by DEC: Digital Equipment Corp. When DEC merged with Compaq, the Alpha went with them, so now Compaq sells Alpha systems. Alphas are among the fastest microprocessors generally available.


Hewlett-Packard designed computer system.


Sites related to IBM's large range of platforms including subcategories for AS/400 (iSeries) and S/390 (zSeries).
Note : This category is intended to provide ''useful'' links to elements related to IBM hardware platforms such as AS/400 and RS/6000.

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This category lists manufacturers and solution providers of Industrial computer equipment used under hazardous working environments for mission critical applications. You will find a suppliers of the following equipment in this category: Industrial pc, single board computer, rackmount and panel pc, data mining equipment, and so on.
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Sites about public Internet access terminals, standalone machines set up in high traffic pedestrian areas, such as public squares, businesses, or airports, that allow users to view information about the business or the area or browse the World Wide Web. Using a simple user interface that requires no training or documentation, and the hardware must be rugged and capable of operating unattended for long periods of time. Touch screens are an important element, and eliminate the need for keyboards.
This category lists companies that provide complete Linux systems.
Notebook and laptop computers have these traits: 1) Small: Usually about one foot (30 cm) wide and less than two inches (5 cm) thick. They can fit on a lap. 2) Lightweight: Usually less than 8 pounds for notebooks, and less than 12 pounds for laptops. 3) Portable due to 1) and 2) and being battery-powered. 4) They use an integral, hinged (folding), thin, flat panel display; usually a liquid crystal display: LCD.

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Quiet computers are those that make little or no normal operating noise, incidentally or by design. Most desktop computers emit a constant whir, and sometimes roar of noise, from fans as they spin, disk drives (hard, CD/DVD) as they spin and read and store data, and from electrical transformers as they hum and whine. Sound is also emitted by speakers, but this is intentional, and usually considered desirable by users, if not by coworkers. Many users find computer noises distracting, even irritating, more so as they increasingly listen to music and videos on computers, and use IP telephony. Ergonomic (human factors) research in noise pollution, usually in the workplace, shows that noise harms user concentration and productivity, more so where many computers operate in confined spaces, more so where no effort is made to improve acoustics. The market for quieter computers is growing worldwide, more in Europe.
This category covers set-top boxes as well as related boxes and devices that are somehow connected to a TV. The electronic box which sits on top of your TV set connects your incoming cable TV, satellite dish, broadband, internet or other transmission signal to your TV set. Set-tops vary greatly in their complexity with older models merely translating the frequency received off cable into a frequency suitable for the television set while newer models can be addressable with a unique identity much like a telephone and are also evolving into residential entertainment "gateway" boxes which may include advanced interactive on-demand capabilities such as video-on-demand, personal video recording, enhanced television link interaction, interactive program guide TV listings, and internet capabilities.

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A manufacturer of UNIX-based computers ranging from desktop systems to very high-end servers. Sells around the globe, with headquarters in California and manufacturing principally in California and Scotland.
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High-performance computers optimized for graphic applications such as computer-aided design or computer-aided engineering, or scientific applications. Manufacturers, OEMs, VARs or resellers of this specific type of system should submit to this category.