Sites about IRC, Internet Relay Chat.
Please only submit sites that are related to IRC in general. If your site is related to an individual IRC client, network, server, shell provider, etc., please submit to the appropriate subcategory.
Bots or robots are programs which are able to log onto an IRC server and perform various automated tasks. They are typically used as tools to administer to a chat room, for example to authenticate users, provide random functions for games, or serve text. A bot service houses one or more bots, the services of which can be obtained upon request.
This category is not for the actual bot software, only for sites which offer the services of a bot running on their server.

For bot software, see Computers/Software/Internet/Clients/Chat/IRC/Bots.
Sites dedicated to specific IRC channels, or IRC channel directories, especially multi-network channels. Sites about channels on a specific IRC Net for which a subcategory exists, should go to their subcategories.
This category is for sites related to channels on IRC networks, both network-specific and multi-network channels. It is also for sites which are broadly related to channels, such as an IRC channel search engine.

PLEASE NOTE: If your site is related to a channel on an individual network then please submit it to the appropriate sub category. This will ensure your site gets listed much more rapidly.

The Open Directory Project is a directory of websites. If you have an event you want listed you must make a website about the event and then submit the website here. When a site is submitted, it is approved or rejected as a website, not as approval or disapproval of the event itself.
The history of IRC.
Many IRC servers are linked in networks, these range from small two or three server networks to the huge multi-continent globe spanning networks. Here we gather web sites related to these networks. These may be the networks official web site, or those run by fans.
Please only submit sites that are IRC Network websites and network related. All small IRC servers should be submitted to Computers/Internet/Chat/IRC/Servers/

When submitting a network, please do not describe the network itself but what is contained on the website. Please see the Category sites for examples. Do not submit a site if it requires password login on the main page or is under heavy construction and lacking material that supports your network.

This category is mainly for sites relating to IRC networks, not the actual networks themselves.

Many IRC servers, especially new ones, are not part of a network, this category is for "stand alone" servers. "Stand alone" servers can be very friendly, with almost a family feel to them. All stand-alone servers are not considered a network because they have services linked to them. They often have a much more specific reason for existing rather then "general" chatting which IRC networks have although it is not unheard of.
Please only submit servers that are stand-alone. They don''t have any other servers linked to them but might have services. IRC networks (two or more servers linked together) should be submitted to Computers: Internet: Chat: IRC: Networks.
Shell Providers are machines that allow others to purchase space on their machine for others use. This category only allows and only will accept shell providers that allow IRC related processes (IRC daemons, services, eggdrop bots, etc.).
This category only allows and only will accept shell providers that allow IRC related processes (IRC daemons, services, eggdrop bots, etc.). Also, sites _MUST_ be in English! If not it will either be moved or deleted.