Virtual Disk Drives enable web-based file storage, sharing, and backup facilities. Note: Free drive affiliates are not accepted, unless useful unique content is provided as well.
This category is for web services which allow a user to upload files for free. This is useful for sending files too big to send over email and for freely publishing files to the Internet.
Submissions must offer free file storage, and at least some level of service should be completely free (free trials don't count). Paid storage/sharing services should go in the category immediately above this one. Services that focus on sharing images are listed in Computers:Internet:On the Web:Web Applications:Photo Sharing:Image Hosting. Services that focus on backup are listed in Computers:Software:Internet:Site Management:Backup. Services with paid account options in addition to the free service are allowed, but the paid features are not usually mentioned. For the "Title", give the name of the site, not the page title. For Curlie, a good title would be "Curlie", not "Curlie - The Collector of URLs" or "ODP". Note that your description will be rewritten to follow the sentence formula of other listings in this category. Please contact a category editor if you find that any of the listed file hosts are broken.