This category is basically for listing sites relating to the MP3 file format. The @linked categories are used to list sites based on sound files, directories, shopping etc. Please list related sites in the appropriate one.
This category is for sites about the MP3 file format itself or related devices/products. Please look under the appropriate @link for listing MP3 download or other sites.
This category contains a listing of sites providing help and answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about MP3 files and the Mpeg file format. FAQ stands for 'frequently asked questions' and should be just a list of commonly asked questions and their answers for people seeking help.
URLs submitted to this category should be linked straight to a FAQ page, or a page containing info to do with MP3 files.

If your site contains mainly downloads, then it should be submitted to Sound_Files/MP3/Downloads and not here.

This category contains articles and reports relating to the issues and news items about MP3s and other MPEG audio formats.
Please submit news articles or reports/commentaries only. If its a single article, please also add both the news site it came from, and the date onto the end of description (Editors - in date field).
This category is used to list any sites that offer software somewhat related to MPEG Audio Layer 3 (MP3). The different types of MP3 software are located in the respective sub-categories, please try and find the correct one before submitting your site here. If your site is based around a hardware system (instead of a software program) then it would be better to submit your site to a category like Audio Equipment or something similar.
Please submit here only sites for software that can be used to play, encode/decode, locate, download MP3 files or otherwise related to the file format. Please NO MP3 download sites.