phpBB is an open source, free forum software package that operates on PHP 3 or later and several major types of database software including MySQL, MicroSoft SQL, and Postgres SQL. It uses a custom skinning system to provide multiple layout options. There is a large community of phpBB users that create scripts to add or modify features to the software.
Please submit sites dealing with the phpBB software only.

Forums run on the phpBB software should be submitted to the most appropriate topical category.

Forums covering a variety of topics should be submitted to Computers: Internet: On the Web: Message_Boards.

These sites contains tips, guides, and support for using or setting up phpBB.
Sites offering scripts that add new features to phpBB or change the behavior of existing features. phpBB modifications are also called "hacks."
Please submit sites focusing on modifications or hacks for phpBB only. Sites with other features should be submitted to the more general phpBB category.
phpBB templates, also sometimes called styles or themes, are ways of changing the visual presentation of a forum. They are similar to skins one might find in WinAMP or other popular programs.
Only sites offering or discussing phpBB templates and related services should be submitted to this category.