This is a general category for Unix operating systems (OSs) of the BSD variety. BSD = Berkeley Software Distribution, which is one of the two main trunks of the Unix tree. The early Internet was based mainly on BSD software, and a large fraction of today's Internet runs on such. All the main BSD variants (BSD/OS, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD) have monolithic architectures.
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Darwin is a Unix-based open source operating system and forms core of Mac OS X. The Darwin kernel is based on FreeBSD and Mach 3.0 technologies. Darwin runs on both PowerPC-based Macintosh computers and some Intel-based personal computers.
DragonFly BSD is a fork of FreeBSD, begun June 2003. Motive: the methods and techniques adopted for threading and symetric multiprocessing (SMP) in FreeBSD 5 would perform poorly and be hard to maintain.
FreeBSD is a powerful Unix operating system derived from the BSD family. As well as countless home computers and small servers, FreeBSD powers huge sites like Yahoo!, Hotmail, and WCArchive, the busiest FTP server in the world.
Websites for applications in the current FreeBSD ports tree. These sites contain unique and useful information geared towards use of the application on a FreeBSD system.

Applications that run on FreeBSD yet not in the ports tree should be submitted in the "Development" category.

The MirOS BSD operating system (OS) was originally named MirBSD. It began as an OpenBSD 3.1 fork, in August 2002. It is intended to (1) maintain the security of OpenBSD, (2) better support European localisation. It synchronises code updates with OpenBSD often, and uses code from other free BSD variants: FreeBSD, NetBSD, MicroBSD. MirOS code has been used in ekkoBSD. One goal is to port MirOS to run on a Linux kernel. As are most BSDs, it is free.
NetBSD is a stable, multi-user, freely redistributable UNIX-like operating system. It is distributed with source code and runs on a large number of hardware platforms.

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OpenBSD is a free, UNIX-like operating system derived from 4.4BSD which runs on multiple platforms. The OpenBSD Project focuses on "portabililty, standardization, correctness, security and cryptography."
Please only submit entries pertaining to products that deal specifically with OpenBSD.
People getting together to talk about, use, improve, promote, or do anything else related to BSD.