Workflow management deals with the coordination and control of business processes through software. Alternative terms for workflow management are: Business Process Automation (BPA), Business Process Management (BPM), and Workflow Automation. The top level workflow category lists organizations, standards bodies, and resources relating to promotion of, and/or interoperability of workflow technology and systems. Sub-categories include: Workflow Research, Products, and Consulting Services.
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Listing of consulting agencies and consultants that specialize in workflow technology.
Commercially available workflow products that are not industry or task specific but are platforms that provide, document management, content management, workflow, process management and imaging capabilities. These products should be the platform for building Industry Solutions.
Only workflow products dedicated to a particular industry.
Workflow management (or Business Process Automation) deals with the automation of business processes through software. A workflow management systems coordinates process instances according to a formal model of the process (the workflow model), and matches individual activities with properly qualified resources for execution. This section contains a collection of research topics and projects relating to workflow management and process automation technology.
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