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Games encompasses all English language web sites about games. The Curlie Project defines a game as any activity that is meant to entertain the participants and that is governed by a specific set of rules. Games are also usually competitive, typically involving players competing either against each other, against one or more simulated players, or against tasks set by the rules of the game. There are usually ways to win and lose a game spelled out in the rules.

Games covers sites about nearly any sort of game, including Computer and Video Games, Board Games, Roleplaying Games, and Gambling Games, and most other activities that are commonly referred to as games. Sites about sports, recreational activities, or sites whose primary purpose is to sell items have categories specifically for their type of content.

Sports are usually more physical activities, and generally involve some form of physical exertion. Included there are sports that may be recreational rather than competitive activities for most people, such as bicycling.

Recreation is for hobbies, activities, and pastimes that are meant to give enjoyment during a participant's leisure time. These activities are generally not competitive and usually don't have a way to absolutely win or lose. They are not typically governed by a specific set of rules.

Shopping contains sites of which the primary focus is to allow the consumer to select and obtain goods and services over the web. Shopping: Toys and Games: Games is specifically for sites selling games.

This category covers rules, strategies, and information related to board games.
Please submit your site to the most specific genre category possible.

If your site is primarily oriented towards selling games, please submit to the appropriate category in Shopping/Toys_and_Games/Games/Board_Games.

Websites devoted to rules, strategy and other information on card games.
Submit sites dealing with Trading Cards or Browser Based Card Games or Video Game Card Games to those appropriate categories.

Submit general, multiple card game sites to the Guides subcategory.

Submit all sites utilizing a special, non-spades/hearts/diamonds/clubs pack of cards to the Special Decks subcategory.

Submit sites about invented card games to the Developers and Publishers subcategory.

Mirror sites, doorways, link directories and sites under construction will not be accepted.

This category covers all types of coin operated games and amusements such as arcade games, pinball machines, cranes, kiddie rides, etc. Sites related to the industry in the form of sales, service, magazines, information, and organizations are also welcome.
Please do not submit a site to the main Games/Coin-Op topic *unless there is no sub-category viable for it*. Make your submission to the appropriate category, i.e. Arcade Games, Pinball, Dealers, Service, etc. Sites that obviously belong in a sub-category and are submitted here will be deleted.
Websites for gaming conventions, or fan conventions with a significant gaming interest. Gaming in this context is: role-playing games (RPGs), live-action role-playing (LARP), miniatures, board games or collectible card games (CCGs). Sites on which information about a games convention is just one of several types of content are not listed in this category, but are often available through the sites in the Convention Listings category.
If your link is not directly related to the category, but is related to gaming in Africa, rather submit it to the editor directly.
Games that use dice as their sole or central component, usually to provide randomness.
Please only submit sites that are dice game related. If there is a category for the specific game (like Yahtzee) that the site is about, please submit it to the proper category. If the site is about a browser based version or another type of digital version, please submit it to the proper video games category.
Gambling is the act of playing for stakes in the hope of winning, usually including the payment of a price for a chance of monetary gain.
Please read the Gambling Guidelines before submitting your site.
Game Studies covers the artistic, cultural, social, psychological and economic significance of games. This category includes links to academic studies, journals, news articles, conferences, associations, and related information on game culture and research.
Please only submit "stand alone" articles that do not fit more appropriately into Game_Studies/Journals or Game_Studies/Personal_Pages .
Category for physical games involving aim and manual dexterity, usually by throwing or shooting small objects, that don't fit in other categories. Computer and video games, even those involving hand-eye coordination, belong in Games/Video_Games. Sports, even those involving hand-eye coordination, belong in Sports.
Games that can be played with the players' hands and fingers alone, requiring no other equipment. Please submit games for handheld devices to: Computers/Systems/Handhelds/Palm_OS/Software/
This category is for websites that teach about the history of games. This is NOT a category for games that happen to deal with historical concepts.
This category is for websites that teach about the history of games. However, the ODP has many categories for the history of specific games or groups of games, and if a site fits in one of those, please submit it there rather than here. This is NOT a category for games that happen to deal with historical concepts. It is a category for the history OF games.
Miniature gaming (also called wargaming) involves strategic simulated battles using scaled figures. Only sites dealing with wargames or the miniatures used for them will be accepted.
Please only submit those sites that are related to the distribution or manufacturer of accessory or complimentary products rather than those sites concerned with manufacturing miniatures, miniature accessories or kits and multi-part pieces.
Retailers, distributors, online stores and wholesalers should be submitted to the Shopping/Toys and Games/Games/Miniatures category instead.
This category has been set up to contain games which must and can only be played on the Internet. Also look at the categories for Computer and Video Games. Many of these games can be played online now. But they are still listed with the individual games (Video Games/ Genres) to make it easier to find them.
This category has a large number of submissions. This means any sites submitted to this category could take anywhere from several weeks to several months (or longer) to be listed.

To ensure your site is listed a soon as possible, submit it to a more appropriate category. If no other appropriate category exists, submit your site here, but expect a long wait.

Games played by making marks on paper, whether these are symbols, numbers, or drawings, such as Tic Tac Toe, Dots and Boxes, Hangman, Sprouts, Battleship, or Nim. Popular throughout every culture due to the simplicity of the materials required. Occasionally Board Game variants of the pencil and paper game are published, where the basic elements are pre-formed or preprinted.
With the category description in mind, if your site fits the criteria above please submit them to this category for review.
Professionally moderated games played by sending paper turns back and forth via the postal service. With the advent of the Internet and other technologies, this form of gaming has grown to include sending turns back and forth via email, fax, and the web.
This category lists organizations, clubs, and informal groups dedicated to more than one kind of gaming (for instance both roleplaying and board gaming).
Before submitting a site here, please consider if one of the following categories is more appropriate:
List of links to pages containing various kinds of puzzles and other mind-bending activities.
If your site is specific to riddles (rhyming brain teasers), mathematical brain teasers or cryptograms please submit to those subcategories.
Submit sites which offer links to a wide variety of games, not just limited to Web or online games. Site may include descriptions or ratings of each game.
A roleplaying game (RPG) is a structured method of playing "Let's Pretend", in which players create characters to serve as protagonists in a fictional world created by a game master. Although characters and plots are driven largely by the imagination of the participants, game rules are used to resolve the results of dramatic conflicts, providing the games with a necessary element of suspense. Roleplaying began with the creation of the fantasy game Dungeons & Dragons in Wisconsin in 1972, but now includes hundreds of commercial systems and homemade RPGs in many languages and genres. This category primarily covers what are often called tabletop roleplaying games (because they are typically played sitting around a table, with books and dice) but also includes its pen-and-paper descendants, live action roleplaying (where players dress up and physically act out their characters' actions) and gamebook roleplaying (system-based interactive fiction).
This category is for English language sites about system-based pen-and-paper roleplaying games: tabletop, live action, and gamebook roleplaying. Please try to find the most specific subcategory as sites are seldom accepted in this category directly.

Please don''t submit any of the following here:

Contains games played with tiles, of various types and styles.
This section is only for sites about the Chinese game, played by usually 4 people with 144 tiles. NOT FOR TILE-MATCHING GAMES.
This category covers all collectible card games (known as CCGs) such as Magic, Mythos, Star Wars, etc. It also includes games of a similar nature, even if they aren't strictly speaking collectible - XXXenophile, the newer INWO expansions, etc. As a rule of thumb, any game that involves professionally-printed cards (i.e. not standard playing cards) should be in here.
Sites will NOT be accepted at this level unless there is no appropriate subcategory or the site pertains to more than one game. All sites submitted will be accepted or rejected based on the guidelines set forth by this Open Directory Project.

Before submitting to this level of the directory, make sure there are no possible subcategories in which the submitted could belong. Only submit to this category if the site covers trading card games as a whole. Sites for Star Trek (for example) should be submitted to the appropriate Star Trek category. Mis-submitted sites will take longer to review and list since multiple editors are often involved in the search and list effort.

Video Games refers to almost any game that uses a video screen to display the results of a player's actions, whether played on a home computer, or a game console.
Submissions are not accepted at this level. Only sites pertaining to all video games or covers the topic of video gaming as a whole will be considered in this category. Consider submitting to a subcategory of Games/Video_Games.
This category lists websites for outdoor type games like horseshoes, hacky sack, yard darts, etc. It also contains sites about tabletop sports games such as table hockey, table soccer, etc.
Please only submit sites that are primarily informational in this category. Sites that are primarily for the sale of Yard, Deck, and Table games should be submitted to Shopping/Toys_and_Games/Games/Yard,_Deck,_and_Table_Games.