This category is for general information concerned with online games which are known as 'Muds' or 'MUDs' (including all the different types of server/codebase which exist - MUSH, Diku, LP, etc). These games can be played via a telnet or Java application, or with one of the many 'MUD clients' which are available (mostly free of charge), online.
Please submit only general MUD resources to this category. For individual game sites, please choose a more specific subcategory based on game type or genre.
Articles relevant to MUDs in general.
Articles should appeal to a large audience and be relevant to MUDs in general.
MUDs categorized by codebase.
Clients are programs that connect to MUDs allowing players access. Clients are based on telnet or Java and range from the very basic to the very advanced.
Please submit either general client resources or clients that can be used on multiple operating systems, to this category. For clients relating to a specific Operating system (OS) please choose a more specific category out of the following:

Linux and Unix

Sites whose purpose is to provide a comprehensive overview of the development and building of zones, areas and game structure within a mud. Typical entries are software related programs for mud building, sites with content focused on online creation programs within muds and online creation manuals.
A collection of links to MUDlists - pages devoted to allowing people to find (or select) a MUD to play, or to locate one which they are already aware of.
A MUD is a text-based game played with multiple users over the internet, typically using the telnet protocol. Website message boards and forums pertaining to mudding can be found in this category.
Only MUD related message boards and forums may be listed here. While many MUD websites may contain message boards or forums, only those that offer a significant contribution as a resource to the community as a whole will be listed.
Wikis are sites that allow anyone to freely contribute to its content.
Please submit only generic wikis that cover a broad subject range.