Sabre Man series consists of Sabre Wulf, Underwurlde, Knight Lore, Pentagram and Mire Mare (never released). Sabre Man have also made an appearance in Killer Instinct. The story is that Sabre Man fell into the land of Sabre Wulf. When he found the exit, he entered the Underwurlde. Unfortunately he was bitten by the junglewulf at sometime during this, turning him into a lycanthrope (werewolf). The only way he could cure this was to go to Knightlore Castle and employ the talents of the wizard Melkhior to free him from the curse. Once he succeeded here, he then became a Wizard himself for the tasks set in Pentagram.
For days I have journeyed from the realms of the old jungle wulf to Knight Lore castle to seek the old dying wizard and ask for his help to free me from this deathly curse... My fate is now all too clear, I have but forty days and forty nights to find the old wizard and seek his help and magical instruction, before my tormented soul becomes forever a werewulf.
Sabreman chortled to himself as he eagerly jumped into his shimmering blue robes and hat. Now at last he was ready... As Sabreman started to read the passage from the Grand Arch Wizardry Spell Book concerning the Pentagram, hush fell over the gathering... The fire flames flickered and died. For soon the land would know the Pentagram. The Quest has begun.
Darker and darker, deeper and deeper. It is the end that I fear, of this untrodden voyage... to where I do not know... aarrrgggg... thuddd. Fall and end meet on soft mossy soil. Wide-eyed, I stare, as the dense surroundings reveal their hidden secrets... I must hide... Stay safe... With weapon strong and cunning nature, I will survive...
The air rushes past as I descend down into the dark dank hollow, disturbing the dust, a debris of long-since fought battles and struggles... Suddenly the whole cavern erupts into a scurrying slithering shadowy grave of beating wings and desperate gnashing jaws... I must travel on through this deadly labyrinth of the Underwurlde to find the ultimate place of darkness, in which lies the way to my escape.