The Jaguar is a 64 bit console system produced by Atari. Atari has been acquired by Hasbro and they have released rights to the console and declared it an open system. New games are still being released for the Jaguar even though it died in 1996.
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The Jaguar 64 is an open system. Hasbro, the owner of the Atari name, have released all rights to the Jaguar console making it open season for hobby developers. There is software available that allows you to download new programs written by Jaguar fans.

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The Atari JagFest is an annual event held by fans for fans.
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The Virtual Light Machine was originally developed by Jeff Minter for the Atari Jaguar CD (built into the unit). Its lightshow is powered by the music.

The VLM 2 is the Virtual Light Machine's latest incarnation on NUON enhanced DVD products.