Enemy Territory is a free multiplayer only computer game from Splash Damage.
Please submit sites that only cover Enemy Territory. Sites which deal with Enemy Territory and Return to Castle Wolfenstein should be submitted in the Castle Wolfenstein Series category.
This category is for groups of players playing Wolfenstein:Enemy Territory against other groups online.
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  • Contains links to specific reviews and previews for Wolfenstein Enemy Territory.

    Descriptions for reviews and previews should contain the following information: score; (p)reviewer''s name; date of the (p)review; a short summarizing quote from the review (optional); and any other contents found in the (p)review such as screen shots and system requirement information. Examples of correct descriptions include:

    Adrenaline Vault - [4.5/5] Review by Bob Mandel. "In the end, after wrestling with my reactions, I feel I can endorse MechWarrior 4 enthusiastically, as regardless of your taste this polished product has more than enough to please fans of mechanized combat." (December 12, 2000)
    GameSpot: Majesty
    - Reviewed by: Neil Randall, 88%. "Majesty is one of the rare games that you won''t want to stop playing until you find out what happens next." Also includes technical information, links, and downloads. (March 28, 2000)
    - Written by Judas Perry, contains screen shots, user reviews, system requirements, movies, and a comparison between platforms. [Score: 51%] (March 28, 2003)