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The third installment in the Quake series, Quake III Arena was built from the ground up with multiplayer action in mind. The single player mode is even a series of deathmatch-style challenges against computer-controlled players (bots). It includes a variety of game types, allowing straight deathmatch, team deathmatch, capture the flag, and a tournament mode, consisting of players taking turns going 1 on 1 against the last round's victor. It also allows the players to modify the game models, player skins, maps, and even the way the game plays, for a large amount of flexibility and conversions for the game.
Clans are groups of people who play the game as a team against other groups, or clans.
Please submit sites for clans that play Quake 3 only.
Conversions and Modifications : These are add-on and changes to the current Quake 3 Game. These conversions or modifications change the type of gameplay from new weapons, to new armor, and then to knew maps. CTF - Capture the Flag. A popular type gameplay where two teams, red and blue, go head to head in flag competition. Q3A - Whenever you see this, remember this is Quake 3 Arena. TF - Team Fortress, where team play is the factor in winning or losing. Fragging - Fragging is killing the opponent, the point where he loses all of his weapons, and you gain a point.
Please submit only webpages for the teams, not for the mods they are creating. If a team doesn''t have a webpage independent of a single mod they are creating, submit the mod webpage under "conversions and mods". Thx!
Sites with a review of Quake III Arena, or sites with listings of individuals' reviews.
Reviews and previews of the Sega Dreamcast version of the game.