About nutrition and metabolism disorders.
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Many disorders of metabolism have a genetic component, or are presumed to do so, with research being directed at finding the factors responsible.
Sites listed here will be concerned with the signs, symptoms, treatment, research, and experience of people with inherited metabolic disorders.
A condition caused by inadequate intake or inadequate digestion of nutrients. It may result from eating an unbalanced diet, digestive problems or absorption problems
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Obesity is a chronic condition characterized by excessive bodily fat caused by a combination of genetic, behavioral, metabolic, hormonal, social, cultural, and psychological factors. A person is considered obese when their body mass index is above 30.
This category is for sites offering medical and health information about obesity.

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Tragic illnesses that are characterized by excessive amounts of ammonia in the blood. Without treatment, these disorders can cause behavioral disorders, mental retardation, coma, or even death.
Vitamins and minerals are a vital part of a healthy diet. If a person eats a variety of foods, the likelihood of developing a deficiency of these nutrients is very small. However, people who follow restrictive diets may not get enough of a particular vitamin or mineral. For example, strict vegetarians may become deficient in vitamin B12, which is available only in animal products. On the other hand, consuming large amounts (megadoses) of vitamin and mineral supplements, without medical supervision, may have harmful (toxic) effects. Source: The Merck Manual Home Edition

Sites submitted to this category must provide educational information on scurvy for patients, their families and caregivers.

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