Obesity is a chronic condition characterized by excessive bodily fat caused by a combination of genetic, behavioral, metabolic, hormonal, social, cultural, and psychological factors. A person is considered obese when their body mass index is above 30.
This category is for sites offering medical and health information about obesity.

Sites dealing with weight loss information, programs, support, or tools should be submitted to the most appropriate subcategory of Health/Weight_Loss.

Sites selling weight-loss products should be submitted to Shopping/Health/Weight_Loss/.

Sites about surgery for weight-loss should be submitted to Health/Medicine/Surgery/General/Obesity_Surgery/.

Sites submitted to this (or areas suggested above) must be in the English language.

Personal journals, opinions and commentary relating to obesity, weight loss, fat acceptance, social and public health impacts.
Facilitated gathering of caregivers, family, friends, or others affected by a disease or condition for the purpose of discussing issues related to the disease.
Support groups that provide help in dealing with the condition of obesity.

Sites submitted to this area must be in English.