Depression is a disturbance in mood characterized by varying degrees of sadness, disappointment, loneliness, hopelessness, self-doubt, and guilt. Most people tend to feel depressed at one time or another, but some people may experience these feelings more frequently or with deeper, more lasting, effects. In some cases, depression can last for months or even years. A person experiencing severe depression may experience extreme fluctuations in moods or even a desire for complete withdrawal from daily routine and/or the outside world.
Scholarly research reports and papers by authoritative persons in the medical and/or scientific professions.
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Seasonal Affective Disorder describes depression that varies with the amount of sunlight. With less sunlight, one may get depressed. To have SAD, this would occur every year, and the depression would be more than "winter blues." During periods of greater sunlight, a degree of mania may occur, but that is not a prerequisite for this illness. In rare cases, the symptoms are reversed, with depression occurring during periods of increased sunlight.
Commercial sites should not be suggested here, with items for sale online, such as light boxes, but rather at Shopping/Health/Mental_Health/Depression
Sites listed here will provide original and non-commercial methods and suggestions for those with depression to help themselves recover.
Sites listed here will provide original and non-commercial methods and suggestions for those with depression to help themselves recover. NB sites selling self-help products and courses do NOT belong here, and should be sent to Shopping/Health/Mental_Health/Depression.

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These groups, communities, or meeting places provide an opportunity for people with a common experience (such as a condition or disease, or a care-giving role) to share their concerns, and to seek and offer information and advice.
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Treatments for depression can range from drugs to psychological therapy to holistic and natural treatments.
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