This category is for consumer information about computer programs for home users. Consumer information includes useful product information so that consumers can make informed purchasing decisions, as well as find service contacts, warranties, upgrades, and other information for consumers who already have made a purchase. Sites in this category include buyers' guides, price comparisons, upgrade information, or tips and advice.
Sites which sell software should be submitted to Computers/Software/Retailers.
Reviews and comparisons of various types of graphics software including image editing, multimedia, desktop publishing, fonts, and graphics collections.
Sites about desktop publishing programs which are not consumer information sites should be submitted to Computers/Software/Graphics/Desktop_Publishing.
This category is for sites geared towards helping the home consumer evaluate and choose operating systems. More extensive guides and directories about operating systems can be found in Computers/Software/Operating_Systems.
Personal productivity software includes such things as word processors, spreadsheets, tax preparation, and other home office applications.
Note this category is aimed at the home user. Sites about software for businesses larger than a home office should be submitted to Computers: Software: Office Suites or a related category.
Sites which sell software from multiple publishers should be submitted to Computers/Software/Retailers.

The publisher''s site for a particular backup software package should be submitted to Computers/Software/Backup.