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This category lists pages and sites that provide information about using vegetarian meat substitutes to prepare dishes typically made with meat. It includes listings which provide general information about meat substitutes, recipes for making meat substitutes, and recipes which use substitutes in place of meat.
This category lists sites about cooking with Quorn, a fungus-based, high-protein food with a meaty texture. It is a vegetarian product, but not vegan.
This category lists pages that provides tips and/or recipes for preparing and cooking with seitan. Seitan (pronounced SAY-ten) is a high protein meat-like substance made from wheat gluten. It may be made from scratch or purchased ready for use in other dishes.


This category lists pages and sites about cooking with TVP. Also known as Texturized Vegetable Protein, TVP is a high-protein soy-based product that may be used as a meat substitute.