Home/Gardening is an information-only area listing sites that offer resources for home gardeners. Explore the subcategories to find information about gardens, plants, techniques, and other topics.

Only sites providing broad and in-depth coverage of gardening topics are listed at this level. Please submit sites to the most appropriate subcategory that fits your site''s content.

Please note the following:

Sites offering products or services for sale online should be submitted to an appropriate category in Shopping. Please view the Shopping FAQ.

Sites for local businesses focused on a certain geographical location or area should be submitted to an appropriate subcategory of Regional. To determine which Regional cat is most appropriate please view the Regional Description.

If the site contains information about a particular subject within the Home/Gardening categories, has broad regional relevance, and does not offer products for sale, it may be submitted once to the most appropriate subcategory here.

Bonsai (lit. bon-planted) is the art of aesthetic miniaturization of trees, or of developing woody or semi-woody plants shaped as trees, by growing them in containers. Cultivation includes techniques for shaping, watering, and re-potting in various styles of containers. "Bonsai" is a Japanese pronunciation of the earlier Chinese term penzai. A "bon" is a tray-like pot typically used in bonsai culture. The word bonsai is used in the West as an umbrella term for all miniature trees in containers or pots. Suiseki, viewing stones, Chinese scholars' stones, and rock penjing are included in this category. They all deal with the appreciation of naturally created (as distinct from carved) stones of relatively small size. If you could call it a boulder, it probably wouldn't qualify as a suiseki. These stones are appreciated for what they suggest visually, rather than for the monetary value of their mineral content.
Sites selling bonsai plants should submit to: Shopping/Home_and_Garden/Plants/Trees/Bonsai Sites selling other Bonsai accessories (but not plants) should submit to: Shopping/Home_and_Garden/Plants/Trees/Bonsai/Accessories_and_Gifts
Websites containing searchable gardening information. Usually categorized by topic.
Submit only Web directories specifically for the topic of gardening.
Sites for schools, courses, and other educational programs dedicated to amateur horticulture and garden design.
Sites in this category provide information, association locations, tools, or other material that helps people who are elderly, infirm or in any way need assistance to garden.
This category has sites for flower and garden shows intended for home gardeners and gardening enthusiasts and that occur at regular intervals, such as annual shows.
Sites should be for actual shows and exhibitions that are primarily informational in nature. Shows may also be listed in Regional.

Sites that are primarily product sales sites should be submitted to Shopping. Sites that sell services to people or organizations wanting to put on a show should be submitted to Business and/or Regional.

Submissions to this category should be from sites whose main focus is concentrated on giving information either in calendar format, in a weekly/monthly/annual format, or a resource for creating ones own gardening calendar.

Sites of a general nature should be submitted to the Home/Gardens/Informational_Resources category.

Places where gardeners meet online to share questions and answers, experience, companionship, photos and/or journals. Includes general gardening forum sites as well as people-oriented gardening portals, and sites for "mailing lists" that conduct all or part of their communications via email.
This category is suitable for both member-only and general-membership sites, but not for sites selling gardening products.

Submit sites here that focus on gardeners in general; more narrowly defined forums should be submitted to the most appropriate topical subcategory within Home: Gardening.

This area lists two categories of website: 1. Sites about actual gardens - public gardens, private gardens, botanical gardens, arboreta, personal garden pages. 2. Sites about particular styles of gardens, including examples of such gardens, tips for creating them, etc. Sites that contain information detailing how to achieve certain effects within a garden are listed here, as well as those showcasing their own achievements with a particular style. Sites are categorized according to their main focus. If a public, private, or personal garden site focuses (almost) exclusively on a particular style of garden, you'll find it in the category for that style. Gardens whose style doesn't neatly fall into the style categories are filed in the general public, private, personal, or community garden categories. Sites that sell products or showcase businesses are not listed here.
Follow the category description below. If the website you''d like to submit is focused on a particular garden or a particular style of gardening, submit the site into the appropriate subcategory. Only sites containing information about multiple gardens spanning various subcategories are listed at this top level

This category is for information only sites. Do not submit sites that sell products or showcase businesses here.

History of garden design and of individual historic gardens.
Hydroponics and "vertical gardening" utilize soil less methods to provide nutrients to plants, typically in a controlled environment. This sections contains hydroponics information for the home gardener.
Please submit only informational sites about hydroponics.
Category for sites with galleries of photographic images and/or graphics of flowers and plants or information on how to take plant photos, reproduce images, etc.
Sites offering photographs, artwork, or graphic products for sale should be submitted to the appropriate Shopping or Business category (see the links on this category''s page for examples). Photo galleries whose subject is limited to a particular gardening area should be submitted to the corresponding category - for example, daylily photo galleries should go in Daylilies.
Intensive planting is a gardening method in which plants are more closely spaced than in traditional row gardens. Though this causes a small drop in productivity per plant because of competition, weeds are shaded out, total crop production for the area worked is increased, and soil supplements are more effective because of the reduced space in which they are used.
Sites in this category cover square foot gardening and other intensive planting techniques. Primarily focusing on methods using raised beds, but also covering double planting for home orchard applications and similar techniques.
Kids gardening covers sites which can give information, advice and other resources to both children interested in gardens and wanting to garden and adults who are helping them to do so - both in school and at home
Landscaping involves the creation and maintenance of gardens. This category is for sites that offer guides and/or "how to" advice when it comes to landscaping a garden. Sites which cover topics such as design, maintenance, lawns, and general landscaping information are listed here. Sites that showcase companies or business' offering landscaping services will not be listed here.
Only sites that exist to provide information about landscaping will be listed here. Submit sites describing a business or offering products for sale as follows:
  • Companies offering landscaping services to home-owners in their area go into the locality level of the Regional branch of the directory.
  • Companies offering products for online sale should find the most appropriate category in the Shopping branch - a good starting point is Shopping: Home and Garden.
  • Business sites fitting neither of the descriptions above, e.g. for companies producing landscaping products for wholesale or offering products to landscaping professionals, should find an appropriate category in the Business branch. Try Landscaping, Horticulture or Lawn and Garden.

Remember that submitting to the incorrect category will likely increase the time it takes for ODP editors to list the site in the directory.

This category is for sites offering information in any number of different formats including magazines, e-zines, books, newsletters, and calendars.
Information only sites will be listed here.

Sites which sell products relating to gardening should find the appropriate subcategory in Shopping. Alternatively, you could search for the appropriate category

Organic gardening avoids the use of man made inputs in the production of food crops, lawn care, and/or ornamental plants. This category covers how to accomplish this goal in home landscape and garden settings.
Sites dealing primarily with the philosophical and political aspects of organic production should submit to: Society/Issues/Environment/Food_and_Drink/Organic_Food

Sites of businesses providing services or products to organic producers should only submit to the appropriate locality in Regional and: Shopping/Home_and_Garden/Garden_Shops/Organic

Sites about commercial organic production should submit to: Science/Agriculture/Farming_Practices_and_Systems/Organic_Farming

Clubs and Associations Clubs, Associations and Societies of all gardening types can submit their sites to this category. Sites from around the world are welcomed and embraced. Please note: There are categories present for societies of Clematis, Fuscias, Horticulture, Iris', Orchids, Rhododendrons, Roses and Water Gardens. Please check these to make sure your site would not fit better into these categories.

All sites to do with societies for gardening using native plants and/or wildflowers are welcome here.

General gardening club and society sites should be submitted to the Organizations category.

Sites promoting conservation of endangered and threatened species should be submitted to Conservation and Endangered Species.

Sites from around the world are welcome.

Sites about gardeners as people. Includes well-known garden personalities as well as personal websites of home gardeners that don't closely tie to one particular garden.
Submit sites about personalities known primarily for their radio or television shows to the appropriate category in News and Media.

Submit sites that describe personal home gardens to Personal Gardens.

Do not submit sites mainly offering products for sale to this category. Those belong in the appropriate category within Shopping.

Sites providing information about controlling damage in the home garden by animals, insects, or plant diseases.

Do not submit commercial sites for insect control products to this category. Submit informational sites to the most appropriate subcategory of this category.

If the site offers online sales of pest control products, submit to Shopping : Home and Garden : Pest Control.

If the site is about a company that produces a biological product used in pest control, submit to Business : Agriculture and Forestry : Biologicals.

If the site is about pest control that extends not just to the garden but also the home, a more appropriate category is probably Home : Homeowners : Pest_Control.

Sites for companies providing residential pest control services in their local area should be submitted to the most appropriate category in Regional.

Plants are a major living part of any garden. This is the area for sites who focus on specific types of plants. The subcategories have been grouped first by plant type, then by plant name. If a site focuses on one specific type of plant, it will be listed in the plant name subcategory. If there is no plant name subcategory, then the site will be listed in the plant type category until there are enough sites to create a new subcategory. Sites that sell plants will not be listed here.
This category is for information only sites.

Sites that sell plants, or any other gardening products should find the appropriate Shopping subcategory. Alternatively, you could Curlie for the appropriate category. Sites for local businesses focused on a certain geographical location or area should be submitted to an appropriate subcategory of Regional. To determine which Regional cat is most appropriate please view the Regional Description.

This category contains links to related gardening categories within the Regional part of the Open Directory Project. No sites will be listed in this category.
Soil is a general term which refers to the earth that plants grow in. This category lists sites providing information and advice to home gardeners on the topics of soil, potting mixtures, and additives.
Sites listed here give information on soil topics, in a form that is helpful to the home gardener.

Please submit sites that are aimed primarily at commercial agriculture or horticulture to the most appropriate category in Science: Agriculture.

Sites that sell products or showcase businesses will not be listed here. Instead, consider submitting to: