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Please read the following carefully before suggesting a site to any Kids_and_Teens category, and note that no site is guaranteed placement or review.
*** Failure to follow these guidelines will result in the deletion of your suggestion. ***

Kids_and_Teens is for audiences 18 and under. Please note that this directory is for kids and not about kids.

  • If any portion of your site contains profanity, obscenities, and/or sexually-explicit content, do not submit it to Kids and Teens. Submission could result a permanent ban from the whole directory.

  • Sites intended for a general audience may be accepted in Kids_and_Teens provided they are appropriate for individuals ages 18 and under.

  • Sites containing chat rooms, discussion forums, or any other interactive content will be listed only if the interactive content complies with Kids and Teens guidelines.

  • Sites must not be under construction, submitted to multiple or inappropriate subcategories, or offer online sales. Note that commercial sites may possibly be added by editor discretion if they offer significant non-commercial content, but suggesting them here is very likely to lead to deletion without review.
  • If you believe your site complies with these guidelines, you are welcome to suggest it once to the single most appropriate category, but remember,

    failure to follow these guidelines will result in the deletion of your suggestion.
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