Obedience training ranges from teaching a dog to walk on a lead without pulling, through to advanced skills such as scent discrimination and directed jumping.
This category is for non-profit sites about dog obedience. If the site is more about general dog training, it may be better in Training.

Sites selling training products will only be listed in Shopping.

Sites about professional trainers should be submitted to the appropriate location in Regional.

Sites where enthusiasts of dog obedience can share and discuss their experiences and problems.
This category is for mailing lists, chat rooms, bulletin boards and mail forums which relate primarily to dog obedience, although other activities, training methods or suggestions may be mentioned.

If the main topic is another activity such as Agility, the site should be submitted under that category in Recreation: Pets: Dogs: Activities

Specific training methods may have a separate category, such as Clicker Training Chats and Forums

Obedience clubs are generally run by volunteers who provide training for a nominal fee. They may also offer training in other activities such as agility and flyball.
This category is for non-profit organisations only.

Professional training schools and sites containing only local information should be sent to the appropriate location in Regional.

If obedience is only a small part of the club, the site may be better in another category of Pets:Dogs:Activities.

Clubs offering classes for only one breed should be listed in that category of Pets: Dogs: Breeds