Everything in this category (and its subcategories) deals either directly with the fishkeeping/aquaristic hobby or provides ichthyological and ecological content at a level and style suited (and mostly written) for aquarium hobbyists. Pages listed are non-commercial, informational sites. The main pages of online retailers or pet shops will be listed in Shopping/Pets/Fish or the appropriate Regional category instead. Articles and subsections will be considered case-by-case for inclusion.
***Do not submit commercial sites here!

***If you are seeking a description change, be sure the description you are submitting meets ODP guidelines.

1. Before you submit your site, look for a subcategory. Information about this hobby is often very specialized; submitting your site to the proper subcategory will help your information reach the right people. It''s also easier on the editors and may result in your site being listed faster.

2. If you are selling a particular product or product line, or are running a site of which the main function is product sales _do not_ submit here. Submit to Shopping/Pets/Fish instead. Submitting here *will not* get your site listed in this category, and repeatedly submitting to this branch of the directory may result in your site being removed altogether.

3. If your site is not in the English language, do not submit here. Submit in the appropriate category of World/; you will find links to aquarium categories in various languages on the main Recreation/Pets/Fish_and_Aquaria page, near the top. If yours is a bilingual site submit the English index page and not a front language-selector page.

4. Redirect URLs, such as *.de.vu or *.come.to, especially those which use a frame as their backend, will be changed to refer to the proper URL, for many reasons.

5. If your site is a chat, submit to Chats and Forums. Similarly, if it is a directory, freshwater specific, or marine specific submit to the proper category.

By the Terms of Service, the editors and staff reserve the right to place pages in categories they deem most appropriate, and to describe them as we see fit. Submitting to (or near to) the proper category generally results in faster placement of your site in the ODP. Placement of sites in subcategories makes the directory more user-friendly and thus (ideally) brings you more hits.

Happy fishkeeping, and thank you for your submission!--from the ODP Fish and Aquaria editors.

Sites devoted to brackish-water aquaria and brackish aquarium fish. Brackish water contains less salt than seawater but considerably more than freshwater. Some common brackish fish are the Orange Chromide, various Poecilla (molly) species and killifish, Scatophagus, and the bumble-bee goby.
Web-based bulletin boards (Usenet alternatives), live chat, and places to seek expert advice.
If your site is not strictly a chat, bulletin-board, or responsive-advice site please submit to the parent category or another subcategory.
Pages of links to sites of interest to aquarists, more or less. See http://dmoz.org/preferredterms.html#Directories
A collection of websites about projects that you can do at home, such as homemade aquariums, filtration systems, or custom lighting.
Please submit only sites that include projects that an amateur aquarist could perform at home.

If you are trying to sell products or services you should submit to the appropriate subcategory of either Shopping or Business, such as Shopping/Pets/Fish.

This category is for Freshwater fish websites. Please look through the sub-categories, to find the best place to submit your site, especially if it is a site specific to one type of fish.
  • If your website is selling something, please submit it to the proper category in Shopping/Pets/Fish/.
  • This category is for English language sites pertaining solely to freshwater aquaria.

  • Your site must be in the English language. If it is in a language other than English, please submit it to the proper category in World.
  • A category for sites dealing with various aspects of fish health.
    If your site is broader than the scope of this category please submit to

    Recreation/Pets/Fish_and_Aquaria Recreation/Pets/Fish_and_Aquaria/Freshwater or Recreation/Pets/Fish_and_Aquaria/Marine


    Websites which are collections of aquarium images including thumbnail galleries.
    If your site is more broad than the category description please do not submit here.
    This is for sites devoted to political, social, or legal issues with potential direct effect on the worldwide aquarist community. Sites submitted _must_ have an aquaristic focus. For example, sites devoted to the stocking of Lake Victoria with Nile Perch would go here. The opinions expressed in said sites shall not be construed to be those of the Open Directory Project or its editors.
    E-Mail and physical mailing lists regarding aquaria.
    Web bulletin boards belong in Recreation/Pets/Fish_and_Aquaria/Chats_and_Forums

    Submit sites not strictly devoted to mailing lists to the parent cat or an appropriate subcat.

    See what others are doing in this hobby, get your questions answered, submit your own site or just look at the pretty pictures.

    If your site is not specifically geared towards this topic, please submit to the proper category.

    Submitting to the wrong category will delay and/or prevent your site from being listed in the directory.

    Submission Tips:

    1. When writing your site''s title please ensure it is the same as your organization.
    2. When writing your site''s description, please tell what your site offers in a clear and concise statement without hype or promotional language.
    Thank-you for your cooperation.
    This category is for general fish and aquaria clubs and organizations.
    These organizations must be real-life aquarists'' associations, and not a Yahoo Group, listserv, message board, or website (unless it is for a real club), even if you put the word "club" in the name.

    If your club is a fish-specific one, submit it to the appropriate species category.

    Only sites in the English language are listed here. If a site is in a language other than English, submit the site to its appropriate category in http://dmoz.org/World/ .

    Sites devoted to personal fishrooms and aquaria.
    This category is for a webpage about your fishroom or aquarium. Mixed-content pages aren''t allowed, and if your page contains articles not written by you or about your fishroom please submit to the parent category or the appropriate subcategory.
    Web sites that offer a database of aquatic plants for identification, cultivation, and care requirements to aid someone in choosing plants for their aquarium. Must encompass many different plant species. Vendors should submit to Shopping/Pets/Fish. Vendor submissions here will be treated as automated commercial spam.
    Care, breeding, and natural history of aquarium fish, with focus on a few families or species.
    Importers and vendors must submit to Shopping/Pets/Fish
    Weblogs ('blogs) kept by aquarists concerning their hobby.
    Only submit if you regularly update your ''blog and provide interesting, unique content.
    The place for web rings that contain sites dealing with fish and aquaria.
    Please submit the url for the web ring itself rather than a deeplink to your site here.